orlando attack

Full Year After Pulse Nightclub Massacre, Orlando Paper Says 'Few Answers' For Terrorist's Motives

US | Anders Hagstrom
'ISIS was simply the justification'

200 Celebrities Just Signed A Letter Demanding Gun Control

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
You won't believe who's on this list

Kim Kardashian: 'The Senate Has Failed Americans On Gun Control'

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
'The fact that anyone can easily access guns...'

Krauthammer: Under Obama You Have To 'Pretend' Radical Muslims Don't Commit 'Mass Murder'

Politics | Steve Guest
Obama admin 'fanatical in trying to cover up and connection with Islam'

Defense Secretary: Orlando Attack 'Underscores The Urgency' To Defeat ISIS

US | Steve Guest
Orlando attack reminds us that ISIS 'wants to spread its evil ideology'

Remember When Obama Promised He Wouldn't Withhold Information From Americans?

Politics | Peter Hasson
'I will never hide the truth because it's uncomfortable'

FBI Reveals Why It Is Censoring The Orlando Shooter's Call Transcript

US | Steve Guest
'We're not going to propagate their rhetoric'

Ryan: Obama Admin 'Selectively Editing' Orlando Terrorist Transcript 'Is Preposterous'

Elections | Steve Guest
'We know the shooter was a radical Islamist extremist inspired by ISIS'

Rep. McCaul Blames Obama's Policies For Orlando Terrorist Attack

Politics | Steve Guest
'When you fail in foreign policy, this is what happens'

Rick Scott: 'The Second Amendment Didn't Kill Anybody'

Politics | Steve Guest
'This is ISIS. This is evil. This is radical Islam'

Boston Globe Wants A Gun Ban

US | Joshua Delk
Editorial Advocates Semiautomatic Assault Weapon Ban

Orlando Magic Owner Donates Money To Terrorist Attack Victims, Liberals Go Absolutely Crazy

Sports | David Hookstead
They don't want his help

House Republicans About To Pass Legislation To Further DHS' Politically Correct Training Agenda

Politics | Kerry Picket
'It's all of this stuff that caused the FBI to let the shooter go'

Curt Schilling Will Make Liberal Heads Explode With His Latest Comments On Guns

Sports | David Hookstead
Do you agree with him?

The New York Times Doesn't Know 'The Precise Motivation' For The Orlando Attack

US | Alex Pfeiffer
'Tragically, this is the state of American politics, driven too often by Republican politicians'

Napolitano: Orlando Terrorist's Wife Could Face The Death Penalty

US | Steve Guest
Wife could face the charge of 'conspiracy to commit mass murder'

Trump: Obama's 'More Angry At Me Than He Was At The Shooter'

Elections | Steve Guest
'That's the kind of anger he should have for the shooter and these killers that shouldn't be here'

Expert: Here's Five Ways Political Correctness Kills Americans

Politics | Mark Tapscott
Counter-terrorism expert describes five ways political correctness undermines the war against terrorism

DHS Secretary: Right-Wingers Pose Same Threat As Islamic Extremists

US | Peter Hasson
'Just as real...'

FLASHBACK: Obama Defends ISIS Strategy, 'They Can Kill Some Innocent People'

US | Peter Hasson
'ISIL only wins if we react out of fear.'

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