200 Celebrities Just Signed A Letter Demanding Gun Control

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Celebrities gun control

You won’t believe who’s on this list

Kim Kardashian: 'The Senate Has Failed Americans On Gun Control'

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Kim Kardashian

‘The fact that anyone can easily access guns…’

Krauthammer: Under Obama You Have To 'Pretend' Radical Muslims Don't Commit 'Mass Murder'

Politics | Steve Guest
Charles Krauthammer, Screen Grab Fox News, 6-20-2016

Obama admin ‘fanatical in trying to cover up and connection with Islam’

Defense Secretary: Orlando Attack 'Underscores The Urgency' To Defeat ISIS

US | Steve Guest

Orlando attack reminds us that ISIS ‘wants to spread its evil ideology’

Remember When Obama Promised He Wouldn't Withhold Information From Americans?

Politics | Peter Hasson
U.S. President Barack Obama laughs at the White House Correspondents' Association annual dinner in Washington, U.S., April 30, 2016. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

‘I will never hide the truth because it’s uncomfortable’

FBI Reveals Why It Is Censoring The Orlando Shooter's Call Transcript

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‘We’re not going to propagate their rhetoric’

Ryan: Obama Admin 'Selectively Editing' Orlando Terrorist Transcript 'Is Preposterous'

Elections | Steve Guest

‘We know the shooter was a radical Islamist extremist inspired by ISIS’

Rep. McCaul Blames Obama's Policies For Orlando Terrorist Attack

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‘When you fail in foreign policy, this is what happens’

Rick Scott: 'The Second Amendment Didn't Kill Anybody'

Politics | Steve Guest

‘This is ISIS. This is evil. This is radical Islam’

Boston Globe Wants A Gun Ban

US | Joshua Delk
In this photo illustration, a Rock River Arms AR-15 rifle is seen with ammunition on December 18, 2012 in Miami, Florida. Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Editorial Advocates Semiautomatic Assault Weapon Ban

House Republicans About To Pass Legislation To Further DHS' Politically Correct Training Agenda

Politics | Kerry Picket
An undated photo from a social media account of Omar Mateen, who Orlando Police have identified as the suspect in the mass shooting at a gay nighclub in Orlando, Florida, U.S., June 12, 2016. Omar Mateen via Myspace/Handout via REUTERS

‘It’s all of this stuff that caused the FBI to let the shooter go’

The New York Times Doesn't Know 'The Precise Motivation' For The Orlando Attack

US | Alex Pfeiffer
New York Times Writer Tweets 'F*ck You Jeb' Then Deletes It [Images via Getty and Twitter]

‘Tragically, this is the state of American politics, driven too often by Republican politicians’

Napolitano: Orlando Terrorist's Wife Could Face The Death Penalty

US | Steve Guest
Andrew Napolitano, Orlando Shooter, Screen Grab FNC, 6-15-2016

Wife could face the charge of ‘conspiracy to commit mass murder’

Trump: Obama's 'More Angry At Me Than He Was At The Shooter'

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‘That’s the kind of anger he should have for the shooter and these killers that shouldn’t be here’

Expert: Here's Five Ways Political Correctness Kills Americans

Politics | Mark Tapscott
Orlando shooter

Counter-terrorism expert describes five ways political correctness undermines the war against terrorism

FLASHBACK: Obama Defends ISIS Strategy, 'They Can Kill Some Innocent People'

US | Peter Hasson

‘ISIL only wins if we react out of fear.’