And the Oscar goes to... - TheDC

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Oscar statuettes

List of 2012 Academy Award nominees

Top 9 reasons to watch the Golden Globes [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

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Mila Kunis is teaming up with Natalie Portman once again

These 9 hot presenters are worth watching Sunday’s awards ceremony

Eddie Murphy will no longer host Oscar telecast - New York Times

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The hasty departures represented an embarrassing collapse of the Academy’s plans

She just said that? [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

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Photo gallery summary of the 83rd annual Academy Awards ceremony

Oscars go young and hip, with traditional results - AP

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Results from the 81st annual Academy Awards

An overview of this year's Best Picture nominees - TheDC

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2010 was full of great films. Here’s a quick look at the 10 nominees for Best Picture.

Fun facts about this year's Oscars [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

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The LA Times highlights fun facts that make the 2011 Academy Awards more exciting than in year’s past

James L. Brooks masters comedy from the inside out - SF Chronicle

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Make no mistake: The professorial-looking Brooks, 70, is not a household name, but he is an influential Hollywood figure

'Winter's Bone' tops Spirit Awards nominations with seven - LAT

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In the span of less than a day, independent film cognoscenti on both coasts have declared the teeny drama ‘Winter’s Bone’ a top film of the year

Franco and Hathaway picked as co-hosts for Oscars - AP

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James Franco and Anne Hathaway have just what Academy Awards producers want as hosts of Hollywood’s biggest night. They’ll put on a show, rather than just another awards ceremony, organizers say

Wanted: Celebrity Oscars host [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

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Hugh Jackman has turned down an offer to host the Academy Awards. Who will fill his dancing shoes?

TheDC's November movie preview - TheDC

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Do yourself a favor and don’t go to the movies this month

Where do Oscar winners keep their little gold men? [SLIDESHOW] - Vanity Fair

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At 13.5 inches high, and with the heft of a bag of oranges, Oscar can go just about anywhere – but where do the winners keep theirs?

Dear Mel Gibson

Opinion | John Schlimm

See what you’ve done to me, and to a world full of former Mel Gibson fans, who stood behind you and bought the tickets to your movies, and even bought your first few apologies for indiscretions?

Cameron didn't win Oscar because 'he didn't have breasts' - NY Post

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Outspoken ‘Avatar’ star Weaver said she believed Cameron didn’t win because the academy wanted to make history by naming its first ever female Best Director

Feel free to walk all over Russell Crowe - E! Online

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Infamous for his short temper, the Robin Hood actor received the 2,404th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Illegal downloaders weigh in on the Oscars - CNET

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The fine folk over at Torrent Freak have created a wonderful prelude to the big event, far more interesting than any discussion of rented frocks, baubles and faces, by calculating which of the nominated movies has been torrented the most

Oscar fashions: The good, the bad and the ugly - TheDC

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This year’s red carpet was punctuated with a variety of different colors, shapes and styles. Some stars knocked it out of the ballpark; others have since become candidates for next year’s worst dressed list

Big winners of the 2010 Oscars [slideshow] - The Daily Caller

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It was Hollywood’s biggest night. See who took home the main awards

20 sexiest Oscar dresses ever [SLIDESHOW] - The Daily Caller

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If you’ve seen the worst Oscar dresses ever slideshow, these dresses will restore total faith in Oscars’ fashion