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Arab unrest: Palestinian prime minister dissolves his Cabinet - AP

The Palestinian prime minister dissolved his Cabinet Monday in what appeared to be a gesture inspired by unrest rocking the Arab world

Rand Paul is right about Israel

Israel no longer needs American aid.

TheDC Interview: Michael Oren, Israel's face in America - TheDC

Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren compares Obama to Bush on U.S.-Israel relations

Food politics in the Ivy League: The hummus battle of 2010 - TheDC

At Princeton University, Hummus, the 80-calorie snack of which even first lady Michelle Obama would approve, has become a flashpoint issue

Helen Thomas gets vile again

Helen Thomas, ninety and nutty, just can’t stop. But now she’s taking the anti-Semitic bigotry to a new level.

Jews speak out against decision to honor Helen Thomas - TheDC

Prominent Jewish voices are speaking out against the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee’s decision to honor the former WH reporter and harsh critic of Israel

Obama at UN calls on Arab nations to support peace talks - LAT

President Obama on Thursday pushed Arab nations to provide more political and financial support for the Middle East peace effort

CAIR honors Helen Thomas, ignores comments - TheDC

CAIR: recognizing Thomas for “lifetime achievement… we have nothing to do with the comments.”

Quds Day protests foreshadow difficult Mideast peace process

Iran’s provocative Quds Day protests are a reminder of the threat that a nuclear Iran would pose.

Poll: Arab support for Obama drops dramatically - TheDC

The poll also points to disturbing trends among Arabs towards Israel and high levels of support for a nuclear Iran

Helen Thomas may get statue in museum - Ynet News

Former White House correspondent Helen Thomas may be getting a statue in her honor at the Arab American National Museum in Michigan

Former Islamist Maajid Nawaz has a critical message about Islamism

The debate on both sides of the Atlantic about Islamism and terrorism is robust — but interestingly distinct. Both debates occur within rich cultural traditions of free speech, but the way the debates are framed reveals much about the difference between Europe and America

Losing the game in Afghanistan

So, after nearly a decade of fighting, it is time to ask a simple question: Is this dead goat worth fighting for?

Israel, the double standard, and power

Israeli leaders cannot go safely into some European countries for fear of being arrested for war crimes under the faux-doctrine of “universal jurisdiction,” while children-targeting murderers such as Hamas face no such international reproach.

 Is calamity coming to the other Gulf?

Whatever President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton might have been doing with Iran over the past 18 months might be called “diplomacy.” But, without the word ‘ineffective’ added to it, such a description would be incomplete and therefore inaccurate

The true plight of the Gaza Strip

Not enough people take the time to examine Gaza itself because they are too busy placing the blame on Israel – or, conversely, are too busy playing defense

Give ‘em hell, harridan!

The Helen Thomas episode is only underscored by the progressives heckling Madame Speaker at a progressive lunch, demanding an end to U.S. support for Israel. Let’s all hope that all Americans who care about Israel take note of who their real friends are

New Helen Thomas Israel interview footage released [VIDEO] -

The site that first released the video of Helen Thomas telling Jews to ‘get the hell out of Palestine,’ has now released the complete footage of the infamous interview on YouTube

'Who do I hate today?' - POLITICO

After decades in the briefing room, Thomas’ place in the press corps recently came under question by her colleagues

Helen Thomas ends up being the one sent home - TheDC

Helen Thomas under heavy fire for anti-Semitic remarks