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Is the Palestinian Authority more worthy of funding than the Coast Guard?

The administration is cutting funding for a Coast Guard program but sending hundreds of millions to the PA.

There is nothing to negotiate

Now’s not the right time for Israel to negotiate with the Palestinians.

US continues aid to PLO - Washington Times

U.S. will give Palestinians extra $150 million in aid

Obama at UN calls on Arab nations to support peace talks - LAT

President Obama on Thursday pushed Arab nations to provide more political and financial support for the Middle East peace effort

Middle East talks look promising - WaPo

Israelis, Palestinians already broaching tough topics in talks, envoy says

Obama 'to visit Jerusalem and Ramallah' - The Telegraph

President will make his first visit as chief executive to Israel and the West Bank to persuade both sides to agree to concessions for the sake of peace

US involvement in MidEast peace talks bound to fail

The administration’s attempt to pressure Palestinians and Israelis into negotiations — undertaken, no doubt, in pursuit of peace — may well cause another outbreak of violence in the Holy Land.

32 houses to be built in East Jerusalem - JPost

The Palestinian Authority has demanded a freeze on East Jerusalem construction as a precondition to more proximity talks with Israel through the US

Terror camp - AP

Hamas sabotages a U.N. summer program to make its own camp more attractive to children in Gaza

Obama meets with Abbas, pledges aid for Palestinians - NYT

The President said that the money would go to housing and schools

Major policy shift? Obama admin. turns on Gaza blockade - NYT

Senior level administration officials broadly consider the Israeli blockade a failure and have begun to shape a shift in policy

Purple Nation: Finding a true path to true peace in Mideast

True peace must converge with good-faith negotiations and a final two-state peace agreement with security for Israelis and Palestinians.

Iran’s Palestinian uprising

Violence has spread across both Palestinian territories in recent weeks. A new Palestinian intifada, or uprising, may be under way. If it takes off, Washington’s policymakers must know that it is ultimately Iran that will benefit

Palestinians take to streets in Jerusalem - AP

The violence spread from Arab neighborhood to Arab neighborhood across the eastern side of the volatile city