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Lynne Cheney: Partisan Politics Was Equally As Intense For the Founders

‘It’s The Sound That A Republic Makes’

For crime of hanging out with a Republican, Democratic state senator fires staffer

Irene Aguilar / Youtube

‘Partisanship runs much deeper than I thought’

Liberellas versus Konservatives: Parents' partisanship determines what they name their baby


Better-off liberal mothers prefer to give their progeny unique names

Bill Maher: GOP guilty of 'treason'; Michael Moore: 'They hate America'

Debate on HBO show focuses on whether Republicans are traitors or terrorists

Democrats - and now Republicans - use budget for campaign attacks


Obscure line items on private jets and other perks used to hit opponents

Republicans and Democrats should be governing, not taking a two-month break

Our elected officials are taking the next couple of months off.

Moving America toward post-partisan honesty

We should applaud people who buck their parties.

The lost art of empathy

Empathy fosters humility and respect by reminding us that our view is only one way of looking at things in a world with few absolute truths.