Sarah Palin To Stump For Pat Roberts In Kansas

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Independent candidate is surging in the polls

COULTER: Your 'To Do' List To Save America

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter

My take on where the 2014 midterms are going

School Disputes Kansas Independent's Claims That Wife Faced Discrimination

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Orman claimed wife faced prejudice as a teacher

Democratic Candidate Drops Out Unexpectedly In Kansas Senate Race

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Independent candidate rises: ‘Roberts has the fight of his life on his hands’

Conservative Favorite Milton Wolf Falls In Kansas Senate Race

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Last week for conservatives to take out a GOP incumbent senator

Cruz Moves To Halt All Gitmo Transfers

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U.S. Senator Cruz answers questions during the Reuters Washington Summit in Washington

Demands explanation for release of the Taliban 5

Senators Said They Learned Nothing From Bergdahl Briefing

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‘Unfortunately, there were no reasonable answers to our questions’

INTERVENTION: Pat Roberts Addresses Harry Reid's 'Koch Addiction'

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‘As a tolerance develops, more and more of the drug is needed to satisfy the craving’

Milton Wolf Requests Pat Roberts Removed From Ballot

Daily Caller News Foundation | Chuck Ross
Dr. Milton Wolf

‘We certainly take it seriously’

Sebelius for Senate? Ugh.

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Sebelius Screen

Dems think she should challenge Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts

Obama's cousin tries his hand as tea party candidate

Daily Caller News Foundation | Chuck Ross
Dr. Milton Wolf

‘I’m a doctor, not a politician’

Kansas senators SLAM Harry Reid

Daily Caller News Foundation | Chuck Ross
Reid walks to meet reporters after their weekly party caucus lunch meeting at the U.S. Capitol in Washington
'I was saddened, I was dismayed'

Pending Senate bill will force Obamacare exchanges to disclose abortion coverage

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Similar legislation pending in the House

Senator again calls for Sebelius to resign -- TO HER FACE

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Sebelius Senate Hearing

‘Today, Madame Secretary, I repeat my request for you to resign’

Sen. Pat Roberts to Sebelius: RESIGN in absence of full Obamacare repeal

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Birth Control Religious Groups.JPEG

‘We need new leadership from top to bottom’

Tea party radiologist to primary Kansas Republican for Senate seat

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Launches campaign against Pat Roberts