Channeling Sun Tzu: How Trump's Foreign Policy Makes Sense

Opinion | Patrick Basham

The political class is accustomed to American leaders being outmaneuvered by their foreign peers.

Trump's Right: It's Time To Limit Congressional Terms

Opinion | Patrick Basham

Term limits increase the responsiveness of politicians’ policy platforms.

A Diverse America Needs A Reality Show President

Opinion | Patrick Basham

If critics of Donald Trump’s reality shows had actually watched them, they would have seen him treat an incredibly diverse cast of contestants with equal respect.

Trump's Way To Blue Collar Hearts: Through Their Stomachs

Opinion | Patrick Basham
Trump: Hillary Says I'll Start Wars, But 'She's The One That Wanted To Go Into Iraq' (CNN)

An artful candidate like Donald Trump should stand in front of the health elitists’ regulatory march

The Economic Case For Scottish Independence

Opinion | Patrick Basham

Even a post-independence turn to socialism would fail and rebound quickly.

Bloomberg's unhealthy tobacco display ban

Opinion | Patrick Basham

The proposal would require that retailers hide their tobacco products from the view of customers.

The end of a Kumbaya foreign policy?

Opinion | Patrick Basham

Voters should trade Obama’s feel-good approach to foreign policy for Romney’s realistic one.

Can Romney rescue the special relationship?

Opinion | Patrick Basham

The former Massachusetts governor is an anglophile with a transatlantic worldview.

Fool's gold: British taxpayer is Olympics' biggest loser

Feature:Opinion | Patrick Basham

The London Olympics are expected to cost $38.5 billion.