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EPA claims no wrongdoing in testing pollutants on humans

Gina McCarthy testifies before a Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing on her nomination to be administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

‘EPA is committed to ensuring the protection of study participants’

Republicans: EPA violated scientific standards and ethics in human testing

David Vitter for Governor

‘It is abhorrent for EPA to be conducting these human experiments’

House leaders rush through controversial vote, and conservatives are not pleased

Screen shot courtesy of C-SPAN

‘I think they pulled a fast one’

Broun knocks Boehner as not conservative enough

Paul Broun Georgia Senate

‘While we all wish that was a reliable measure of conservative, experience has taught that it’s not’

Georgia Senate hopeful portrays opponents as babies in Web ad

Congress, apparently, is just a bunch of crybabies

Republican Senate candidate shows support for impeaching Obama [UPDATE: Video added]

Broun is one of several candidates running for Senate in Georgia

Broun attacks Kingston for wanting to fix Obamacare and not just repeal it

Broun Kingston

‘I don’t want to fix Obamacare,’ Broun says, ‘I want to get rid of it’

Conservatives to mark one-year anniversary of Benghazi attacks

Rep. Louie Gohmert next to Rep. Michele Bachmann. Alex Wong/Getty Images.

‘Justice for Benghazi Rally’ expected on Capitol Hill

The EPA finds few friends in its Pebble Mine hearing

President Obama nominated MIT scientist Ernest Moniz and Gina McCarthy as his picks to lead the Department of Energy and EPA, respectively. Getty Images.

Taxpayer-funded assessment gets a shellacking

Paul Ryan avoiding public fight with conservatives over budget

Budget Battle.JPEG

Georgia Republican Rep. Paul Broun wrote an op-ed attacking Ryan’s budget

Tea Party congressman Paul Broun: Ryan's budget 'fails' to 'seriously' cut enough spending

Congressman Creationism.JPEG

‘We have to dig deeper and make profound cuts now’

Lawmakers push to give states more power in health care - TheDC


‘The State Health Flexibility Act will fundamentally reform Medicaid, save Medicaid from bankruptcy and provide a vastly better service for the Americans who depend on it’

Georgia congressman: Dock lawmakers' pay until budget passed - TheDC

Obama State of the Union

If his bill were law, ‘do you think that Harry Reid would have gone over 1,000 days and not passed a budget? Absolutely not’

TheDC Morning: Should Kagan be recusin'? - TheDC

Supreme Court New Term

TheDC Morning: Should Kagan be recusin’?

Congressmen, rifle assoc. president: WH must address calls for Holder's resignation - TheDC

Obama US Libya

‘The ATF was handing over automatic weapons to known criminals — he should have been gone a long time ago’

A blueprint for the Obama administration

What Washington can learn from Hoschton, Georgia.

President Obama should heed Netanyahu's words

The U.S. shouldn’t pressure Israel to return to the pre-1967 borders.

Jackson Lee defends the U.N. as a venue to demand apology for Lara Logan - TheDC

‘The United Nations is where we can call upon the Egyptian government to explain themselves and to apologize,’ said Jackson Lee

TheDC's 50 Best Colleges, 50-41 - TheDC

Politicians, the greatest people in the world, only choose the best when it comes to education

Second Amendment ruling highlights importance of Supreme Court

The Court’s affirmation that Americans in all 50 states have the right to bear arms is reason for celebration; however, this is just one skirmish in the battle. Confirming justices who will uphold our basic rights is the next