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GOP Rep. Gosar Says Nunes Memo Provides 'Clear Evidence Of Treason'

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'Clear evidence of treason'

Jeff Flake Gets In Twitter Slap Fight With House Republican Before Trump's SOTU

Politics | Peter Hasson
'This is why you got forced out of office'

Paul Gosar Calls On Capitol Police, Sessions To Arrest Illegals At SOTU

Politics | Robert Donachie
'Of all the places where the Rule of Law needs to be enforced'

Republicans Defeat Attempt To Restrict Illegals Joining The Military

Politics | Jonah Bennett
'I am glad to see that some Republicans are rejecting the tired, anti-immigrant policies promoted by the likes of Donald Trump'

Democrat Undecided If He Wants More Affordable Housing In His Wealthy District

Politics | Kerry Picket
'I can't answer yes or no, but I'm for affordable housing'

Foreign Investment In Our Politicians

Opinion | Chuck Cunningham
Many credit card political donations can't be verified as coming from the U.S.

Nearly Eight Years Later, I've Finally Heard Back From The IRS

Opinion | Rep. Paul Gosar
Failure at the speed of government

House Panel To Probe EPA Workers' Misconduct

Daily Caller News Foundation | Kathryn Watson
“The employee integrity cases released this week by the EPA Office of Inspector General further corroborate a culture of corruption at this lawless agency.”

Feds Quietly Launch 'Stealth Land Grab' To Stop An Arizona Mining Project

Energy | Michael Bastasch
“The Obama Administration is attempting to silence public comments and... pander to extremist mining opponents'

Pope Praises Obama's Global Warming Agenda

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'It seems clear to me also that climate change is a problem'

Conservatives Shouldn't Attack Pope Francis

Politics | Matt K. Lewis
Not today, at least

GOP Rep. Demands EPA Chief Resign Over Mine Blowout

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'I think it’s only appropriate that you would resign as a statement of fairness'

Gosar: GOP plays small ball while Obama goes big

Ginni Thomas | Ginni Thomas
Gosar: GOP playing small ball while Obama goes big [VIDEO]

The president's missed opportunity for bipartisan consensus on the environment

Opinion | James Dozier
Several green bipartisan proposals have already been introduced in Congress. Why didn't the president mention them?

That time we drove to the State Department with a congressman in the trunk of a car

Politics | Alexis Levinson
'Duck down. Cop,' his scheduler tells him

The American people are now public enemy number one

Opinion | Rep. Paul Gosar
74 percent of Americans say the NSA went too far. It's time to restore the Fourth Amendment.

Walsh, Gosar calls for it again: IG report, hearing proves once more that Holder needs to go

| Matthew Boyle

Gosar doubles down: DOJ's Fast and Furious IG report more proof Holder 'must resign'

Politics | Matthew Boyle
'Officials at the Department of Justice, under Attorney General Eric Holder, acted with a reckless disregard for the lives and safety of Americans and Mexicans alike'

Gosar asks House leadership for floor vote on Eric Holder 'no confidence' resolution

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Ariz. congressman's resolution has at least 115 House supporters

Palin endorses Rep. Gosar ahead of Ariz. GOP primary

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Palin joins party establishment to fight off challenger backed by FreedomWorks, Club for Growth

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