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Paul McCartney: Going Vegan Is The Best Way To Get Back At Trump's Climate 'Madness'

Energy | Chris White
'It's not the total solution, but it's part of the solution'

Paul McCartney, Jon Bon Jovi Bring In Millions For Hillary Clinton

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
'Can't Buy Me Love'

Paul McCartney Shows Support For Hillary Clinton

Entertainment | Brandon Katz
'She's with me'

200 Celebrities Just Signed A Letter Demanding Gun Control

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
You won't believe who's on this list

Paul McCartney Just Defended Kanye's Use Of The N-Word

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
'I love him...'

A Beatle Was Turned Away From A Grammys Party --- A BEATLE!

Entertainment | Carly Rolph
'How VIP do we gotta get?'

Study: Global Warming Will Change Your Taste In Music

World | Michael Bastasch
'We found that music can be a deep cultural measure as to people's response to weather'

Paul McCartney's Ex: I'm More Famous For Owning Vegan Company Than Being Married To A Beatle

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Good one

How Did Taylor Swift Just Convince Paul McCartney To Play 'Shake It Off'?

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
And Jimmy Fallon was there too

This Paul McCartney, Rihanna and Kanye Grammy Performance Is The Only One Worth Watching

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
But really

Rihanna Has Nothing On Under Her Jacket In This Music Video With Paul McCartney And Kanye West

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Per usual

Seriously?! Kanye West Fans Have NO CLUE Who Paul McCartney Is

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

The Beatles Had Some Talent

DC Trawler | Derek Hunter

Reports: Kanye West And Paul McCartney Are Secretly Recording Music Together

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
Um, why?

Why Paul McCartney Was So Depressed After The Beatles Broke Up

Entertainment | Matt K. Lewis
Some called it a nervous breakdown ...

When two become one: Music duos that ended before their time [SLIDESHOW]

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler
Six music duos torn apart by cocaine, anorexia and trees

Paul McCartney to take Kurt Cobain's place during Nirvana reunion performance

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler
McCartney will join Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic onstage during Wednesday night's Hurricane Sandy benefit concert

Strange London Olympics opening ceremony to include sheep, chickens, Marry Poppins

Sports | Holly Bensur
The unordinary and the weird will take center stage Friday night

London authorities silence Springsteen and McCartney

Entertainment | Hillary Alexander
London police unplugged Springsteen and McCartney's microphones during the encore of a Hyde Park concert

Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman sign wrong words in Paul McCartney music video

Entertainment | Alex Myers
Portman meant to sign 'appear' and actually signed 'tampon'

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