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Beyonce is a great role model for girls

The superstar waited until she was married to have kids.

Concerned Women for America: French kid's lingerie line 'a pedophile's dream' - TheDC

Jours Apres Lunes

CWA speaks out against Jours Après Lunes, a French lingerie line for four to 12-year-olds

New book claims all women want to be 'daddy's girl' - TheDC

Dr. Peggy Drexler’s new book, ‘Our Fathers, Ourselves’ says females long for a good relationship with their dads and that women pay more attention to messages from their fathers than those of their mothers

'Why do we let girls dress like that?' WSJ column asserts that teen girls look 'like prostitutes' - TheDC

Wall Street Journal guest columnist Jennifer Moses claims parents allow and enable daughters to turn to promiscuity

Biden compares Republican economic policies to blaming rape victims - TheDC

The vice president says Republicans take a ‘blame the victim’ approach

Bristol Palin uninvited to speak at Washington Univ.'s 'Sex Week' - TheDC

In response to student backlash, Washington University and Bristol Palin have come to a mutual agreement to cancel her appearance from the annual ‘Sexual Responsibility Week’ campus event

Stephen Baldwin to Hannity: Game on, you will regret this - TheDC

Sean Hannity claims to have received a threatening phone call from Stephen Baldwin for poking fun at brother Alec

NOW says Hooters is inappropriate for kids, lodges complaint - TheDC

California NOW chapter files its latest complaint against Hooters; ‘The public likes Hooters,’ says restaurant

Is cutting taxes immoral?

Liberals are arguing that it is immoral to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. They’re wrong.

Social conservatives strike back at gay-Tea Party alliance - TheDC

Social conservatives react to GOProud’s letter to 15 Tea Party leaders urging them to focus on economic issues, not social issues

On Palin, conservatives also bash Republican operatives for talking out of school - TheDC

Conservatives are angry with the GOP operatives who are anonymously sniping at Palin

Heritage's health-care Action - TheDC

Heritage Foundation spin-off urges congressional leaders to join Steve King’s petition to repeal Obamacare

Dear Congress, stop the spending spree

We need to support leaders who will be responsible with taxpayer dollars and not waste money on frivolous spending. Voters, especially women, are watching the decisions elected officials make in Congress and the way those decisions impact the economy and jobs

When a peeping tom poses as a journalist

I hope that the Palins construct an impenetrable fence around their home so they can have the privacy they need as a family and that the Random House author gets bored constantly looking at lumber all day

Getting paid by taxpayers to watch porn

Enough is enough. More than just a slap on the wrist is needed for these employees—and the supervisors who manage them

Stupak’s ‘just not that into us’

Women love a hero. We love a strong man we can admire and praise. We pro-life women thought Rep. Bart Stupak was our man, but oh were we so wrong

Who isn’t skeptical of Obama’s health-care promises?

There is nothing the White House could possibly give Stupak that would not be thrown out by any federal judge in a second