140 Children Killed In History's Largest Mass Sacrifice Unearthed In Peru

World | Anders Hagstrom
'I never expected it'

Archaeologists Use Drones To Discover Ancient Drawings In Peru

World | Gabrielle Okun
'Complex Peruvian societies'

Famous Christ Statue Set Ablaze Ahead Of Pope's Visit

World | Joshua Gill
'Security for the Holy Father's visit is assured'

Around The World In 80 Days, Peru: 'The Strangest, Saddest City Thou Can'st See'

op-ed | Larry Alex Taunton
The horrors of a civil war in Peru’s not-so-distant past cannot be dismissed.

You Can Totally Grow A Potato On Mars, Say Scientists

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Mars is the closest planet that has all the raw materials needed to support life'

Woman Shamelessly Unleashes Boob To Breastfeed Pig On Live TV

World | Thomas Phippen
Breastfeeding is nothing to be ashamed of

Jailed Ex-Peruvian Intel Chief Burned The Bodies Of A Professor And His Students In An Oven

World | JP Carroll
Is already behind bars for crimes against humanity

Peru's 77-Year-Old Wall Street President Does Public Workout To 'Promote Health'

World | JP Carroll
Cabinet meetings will start every week with a 20 minute workout

A Former Wall Street Bigwig Just Became President Of Peru

World | JP Carroll
Used to be an American citizen for over 16 years

Tourist Accidentally Jumps Off Cliff In Machu Picchu Picture

World | JP Carroll
The man fell 130 feet.

A Former NYC Investment Banker Is Poised To Become President Of Peru

World | JP Carroll
Owns a Washington D.C. home worth at least $4.5 million

Daughter Of Narco-Hunting Ex-Prez On The Verge Of Leading Peru

World | JP Carroll
Experts say the election is too close to call

DEA Informant Blows Up Possible Investigation Into Leading Peruvian Presidential Candidate

World | JP Carroll
The election runoff is on June 5

Placenta And Cow Water Is Just 1 Of World's 14 Weirdest Drinks

World | Guy Bentley
For the more adventurous drinker

Second Biggest Coke-Producing Country May Elect Ex-American

World | JP Carroll

REVEALED: Narco Hunter Spills The Beans On Cartels, Irish Mob Teaming Up For Huge Cocaine Operation

World | JP Carroll
Millions of dollars worth of Sinaloa cocaine gets to Ireland through arrangement

Convicted Former President's Daughter Just Might Be Peru's Next President

World | JP Carroll
Race could end in April

Peruvian Tribe Take Gov't Helicopter And Officials Hostage

World | JP Carroll
Four of eight hostages have been freed

Brit And Frenchman Questioned For Nudity In Machu Picchu

World | JP Carroll
'Offenses against morality'

Soccer Stadium Fumigated Over Zika Virus Concerns

World | JP Carroll
Peruvian stadium fumigated before big game

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