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Hill Chairmen Have Been Doing What Nunes Did For YEARS

Investigative Group | Richard Pollock
White House has stronger, more secure facilities than Capitol Hill for assessing raw intelligence

U.S. Laissez-Faire Foreign Policy Allowing Undue Chinese Influence In Djibouti

Opinion | Pete Hoekstra
The United States has an important role to play counterbalancing Chinese influence in Djibouti.

Students Can't Remember A Past They Never Learned

Opinion | Pete Hoekstra
Wars have been fought and won to ensure that students and faculty can celebrate “multiculturalism” and “inclusiveness”

Protesters Violently Riot Over Protected Political Speech

Opinion | Steve Emerson and Pete Hoekstra
Living in the United States means respecting the ability of all citizens to speak freely and having the right to be heard.

Former Intelligence Chairman Warns 'Stealth Jihad' Is Moving Through The West

Ginni Thomas | Ginni Thomas
Islamists 'use our laws, our customs to change who we are'

Claims Of CENTCOM Cooking The Books On ISIS Intel Show We Need New Whistleblower Protections

Opinion | Pete Hoekstra
The espionage community has the weakest protections for responsible whistleblowers of any agency.

A New Day In U.S. Foreign Policy: Obama Embraces 'Moderate' Islamists

Opinion | Pete Hoekstra
Without any precondition, jihadists were welcomed into America’s coalition for the first time.

Beheaded Christian Doesn't Regret Faith

Opinion | Pete Hoekstra
Geller held a cartoon contest and they portray her as a monster. Something isn’t quite right here.

Hoekstra wins Michigan GOP primary, Conyers hangs on

Elections | Associated Press
John Conyers likely to win his 25th consecutive term in Congress

'Rebel' Michigan Senate candidate angling for tea party upset

Politics | Alex Pappas
Fueled by last-minute tea party endorsements, Clark Durant hopes to beat Pete Hoekstra for chance at Sen. Stabenow's seat

Michigan's Hoekstra turns around on Right to Work, now supports it

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Despite previously opposing 'right to work' legislation, Hoekstra now says that he would support it as senator

Bachmann: Anti-right-to-work Senate candidate a 'real conservative'

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Michigan's former U.S. Rep. Hoekstra close to Teamsters' Hoffa, Jr.

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