peter king

GOP Rep Blasts Steve Bannon: He Looks Like A 'Disheveled Drunk'

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'This guy does not belong on the national stage'

Republican Congressman Trashes Bannon--Calls Him A 'Disheveled Drunk'

Politics | Amber Athey

GOP Rep. Urges Trump To Keep Mueller Amid Criticism Of Investigation

Politics | Alex Pfeiffer
'The worst thing the president could do right now'

Top House Republicans Predict Tax Reform Passes By Overwhelming Margin

Politics | Juliegrace Brufke
'I'm anticipating a big vote'

GOP Rep To Trump: Bannon Needs To Go

Politics | Peter Hasson
Pressure building...

'WAKE UP CALL': Rep. King Addresses Need To Combat Terror In Wake Of Manchester Attack

Politics | Amber Athey
'Islamist terrorism is real'

King Calls Trump-Russia Connections 'Desperate Attacks'

Politics | Richie McGinniss
'I remember a trip to Moscow back in 1998'

'Like In A Divorce Case' -- GOP Rep: Reports About Unmasked Trump Associates Contained Detailed, Personal Information

| Peter Hasson
'This is information about their everyday lives'

Congressman Asked About Chelsea Manning Pardon -- He Made It Clear He Is NOT A Fan

Politics | Christian Datoc
'35 years isn't long enough...'

Peter King Accuses CIA Director John Brennan Of 'Hit Job' On Trump

Politics | Jonah Bennett
'We have John Brennan, supposedly John Brennan, leaking to The Washington Post'

Rep. Pete King And Carl Paladino Led Chorus Of Boos Against Cruz During Non-Endorsement Remarks

Elections | Kerry Picket
'It was sort of spontaneous'

GOP Spokesman Agrees That Ted Cruz Is An 'A**Hole'

Elections | Derek Hunter
'Ted Cruz, more than anybody, in terms of his background, knows what's a stake'

GOP Congressman Goes Off On Ted Cruz

Elections | Derek Hunter
'He disgraced himself, disgraced the party, and the party should never again consider him for office'

People Are FURIOUS With SI's Peter King -- This Time, For What He Tweeted About Dallas

Sports | Christian Datoc
'Not the f*****g time, man'

Trump Eases GOP Lawmakers Concerns During Visit To Capitol Hill

Politics | Juliegrace Brufke
'It's going to be an extremely effective campaign'

Orlando Terrorist Had Weapons Training And Pledged Allegiance To ISIS, Top Congressmen Say

US | Alex Pfeiffer
'As far as I can go'

Congressman: 'I Hate Ted Cruz. And I Think I'll Take Cyanide If He Got The Nomination'

Politics | Alex Pappas

This Congressman Is Bashing Beyonce's 'Pro-Black Panther' Halftime Performance

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins
He's furious

This Congressman Is Totally Cool With Killing More Civilians

Politics | Steve Guest
Too many restrictions on US air power

Rep. King: ISIS Intel Reports Were Altered To 'Make The Situation Look Better Than It Really Is'

Politics | Steve Guest
'Unfortunately there is a lot to these allegations'

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