Don't ban fracking

Energy | Raymond Keating

Fracking, a process used to extract natural gas from rock, is coming under attack.

The reluctant Gulf warrior

Energy | Thomas Pyle

Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu has become an unlikely champion of Louisiana’s oil and gas industry.

TheDC Analysis: Offshore drilling moratorium's end is way overdue - TheDC

Energy | Vince Coglianese

Botched government handling of BP oil leak marked by misguided drilling ban’s very existence

Obama administration to lift ban on deep-water drilling - NYT

Energy | Pat McMahon

Moratorium was put into place after the massive BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

The administration is ignoring the offshore drilling experts

Energy | Andrew Langer

The MMS has been unfairly maligned for its role in the Gulf oil spill.

As Cuba eyes oil-drilling, some urge safety talks - NYT

US | interns

Next year Cuba will begin drilling new wells 50 miles from the Florida Keys

Drilling ban costing Gulf region twice as many jobs as estimated - TheDC

US | Paul Conner

Moratorium has cost the Gulf region over 19,000 jobs, not 8,000 to 12,000 as estimated by the Obama administration, according to a new study

Oil spill fiasco final end slated for Sunday - BBC

US | interns

BP’s Gulf of Mexico oil well to be sealed ‘by Sunday’

Americans can't afford the offshore drilling moratorium

Energy | Thomas Pyle

The drilling moratorium could cost Louisiana’s economy more than the oil spill itself did.

Judge on drilling ban: second verse, same as the first - WSJ

Energy | interns

Decision strikes down second federal attempt at oil-drilling moratorium, noting it’s fundamentally the same as first challenge

Drilling moratorium is 'unlikely' to be extended past 6 months - CNN Wire

Energy | interns

Michael Bromwich is unsure on how to deal with deep water drilling in the gulf of mexico, but he is not sure that extending the drilling moratorium is the right answer

Centrist Senate Dems may offer compromise on oil spill liability - The Hill

Politics | interns

Oil-state and centrist Democrats may unveil a compromise to set a path forward on legislation responding to the oil spill

56% support offshore drilling; 47% favor deepwater drilling, too - Rasmussen Reports

Politics | interns

With the deepwater oil leak apparently capped, support for both offshore oil drilling and drilling further out in deepwater remains largely unchanged

Drilling moratorium spells economic disaster in the Gulf

Energy | Thomas Pyle

Now that the BP well has been capped and a permanent solution to the leak is on the way, the president should re-evaluate his hasty and politically motivated decision to issue a deepwater drilling moratorium.

BP faces 7-year ban - BBC

Energy | interns

A US Congressional committee has agreed measures that would ban BP from new offshore drilling for 7 years

A rational post-oil spill policy would allow offshore drilling - The Heritage Foundation

Energy | interns

Good and bad ideas for the feds about how to handle to deep sea drilling is explained. Lieberman focuses on those most effected, Louisiana fisherman and residents, ideas and how they have been reacting to the spill and how the government should help them.

U.S. delays test of device that could seal Gulf well - NYT

Energy | Jeff Winkler (admin)

BP’s VP said that drilling of a relief well that is considered the ultimate solution to stopping the gusher would be halted during the test as a precaution.

BP oil spill commission to push back on White House's drilling ban - TheDC

US | James Plummer

Chairmen heard testimony from local citizens over their overwhelming disagreement with the federal government

Administration issues revised moratorium on offshore drilling - WaPo

Business | interns

After BP’s new cap seems to be working, the moratorium announced today is now banning certain technologies used on past drilling sites rather than banning depth of drilling

Obama team says we should ignore the economic harm they're causing

Energy | Hon. Ernest Istook

The Obama administration’s lawyers claim that economic harm must be disregarded despite the devastation of the Gulf Coast economy by the president’s moratorium on deepwater drilling