Petroleum: A Magnificent Material Much Maligned

Opinion | Steve Goreham

We’re fortunate to be living in a golden age of energy, fueled by petroleum.

Oil to exceed $150 a barrel, 'probably go over' $200 warns investor - TheDC

Business | Jeff Poor

Jim Rogers, co-founder of George Soros’ Quantum Fund tells the BBC ‘the world is running out of reserves of oil’

Americans can expect rising gas prices in 2011 - Washington Times

Business | interns

Oil and gasoline prices have risen to their highest levels in two years, and analysts say prices could shoot up dramatically this year

Get ready for $4.00 gas

Opinion | Nick Sorrentino

Why the price of gas is on its way to $4.00 a gallon (or higher).

Don't ban fracking

Energy | Raymond Keating

Fracking, a process used to extract natural gas from rock, is coming under attack.

Oil hits $89 - CNN

Energy | wrahn

‘We may easily pay three dollars per gallon or more by Christmas’

Gulf oil-spill commission finds no evidence BP put saving cash over safety - Bloomberg

Energy | Chad Brady (admin)

Environmental groups and lawmakers have said BP cut corners to reduce costs but the the president’s commission has found no evidence of that so far

TheDC Analysis: Offshore drilling moratorium's end is way overdue - TheDC

Energy | Vince Coglianese

Botched government handling of BP oil leak marked by misguided drilling ban’s very existence

Obama administration to lift ban on deep-water drilling - NYT

Energy | Pat McMahon

Moratorium was put into place after the massive BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Oil spill fiasco final end slated for Sunday - BBC

US | interns

BP’s Gulf of Mexico oil well to be sealed ‘by Sunday’

Judge on drilling ban: second verse, same as the first - WSJ

Energy | interns

Decision strikes down second federal attempt at oil-drilling moratorium, noting it’s fundamentally the same as first challenge

Oil for food - AP

Energy | interns

New Microbe Discovered Eating Oil Spill in Gulf

Drilling moratorium is 'unlikely' to be extended past 6 months - CNN Wire

Energy | interns

Michael Bromwich is unsure on how to deal with deep water drilling in the gulf of mexico, but he is not sure that extending the drilling moratorium is the right answer

BP says 'static kill' achieved - WSJ

Energy | Chad Brady (admin)

BP said the ongoing static kill procedure would assist with plans to isolate and permanently seal the well

Obama failed to acknowledge government's role in oil spill - Washington Examiner

Politics | interns

A report from the Center for Public Integrity shows that the U.S. Coast Guard may have been partially responsible for the sinking of the BP oil rig in April

Energy: Does renewability matter?

Energy | Benjamin Zycher

There may or may not always be an England, but there always will be oil, natural gas, coal, and all other “nonrenewables” available at some price, just as “renewable” energy always will be available at some price. The distinction between the two is empty

The BP oil spill's damage appears to be exaggerated - Time

US | Pat McMahon

While the Gulf spill is the biggest oil disaster in American history, the impact looks to be overstated thus far

Where did all the crude go? - ABC News

US | Chad Brady (admin)

At its peak last month, the oil slick was the size of Kansas, but it has been rapidly shrinking, now down to the size of New Hampshire

Oil companies plan $1 billion rapid response system for Gulf spills - NYT

US | Chad Brady (admin)

Four of the world’s biggest oil companies said on Wednesday committed to create a rapid-response system to deal with deepwater oil spills

British Prime Minister 'completely understands' BP anger - CNN

Politics | interns

Tuesday marked the three month anniversary of the spill