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Phil Robertson On Animals: 'God Says We Can Whack 'Em'

‘Duck Dynasty’ patriarch believes God created animals for humans to eat them

Chris Matthews: This 'Duck Farm' Guy Is A Part of GOP's Problem

‘[S]ticking to the white racist in the country’

Meet The Liberal Network That Orchestrated The Hit On The Benham Brothers


‘Attempts to steamroll any worldview that is in opposition to it’

Mozilla, Duck Dynasty, Chick-fil-A, and the politicization of everything

Outgoing Mozilla chief executive Brendan Eich

Misguided boycotts and purges will only fuel the dying fire of homophobia.

Free speech is under attack, and America is damn tired of it

The cast from the "Duck Dynasty" reality television series arrive at the 48th ACM Awards in Las Vegas

Conservatives fought back against the Virus in 2013, and there’s some evidence they can win.

COULTER: The anus monologues


‘A&E didn’t dare cross the gays, never anticipating that the Robertson family wouldn’t back down — and the rest of the country wouldn’t, either.’

Walsh: White grievance industry 'uglier,' 'more lucrative' in 2013

TV Duck Dynasty.JPEG

Salon’s Joan Walsh argues 2013 the year of the white grievance industry

Sex and Duck Dynasty: the liberal double standard

TV Duck Dynasty.JPEG

Phil Robertson put his finger on what we’re not allowed to talk about.

GLAAD called for depriving 'hate mongers' of 'platform to spread anti-gay hate' [VIDEO]

Gay rights group targets political enemies for ‘accountability’

Sarah Palin claims she hasn't even read what 'Duck Dynasty' star said [VIDEO]

‘I haven’t read the article’

Duck Dynasty and Christian communication

TV-Duck Dynasty.JPEG

There were ways to make his point without stirring up a storm of moral outrage.

Who's supporting the 'Duck Dynasty' guy?

Cast members from "Duck Dynasty" in Las Vegas in April. Reuters. defends vagina-lover

'I ALWAYS ERR ON THE SIDE OF FREE SPEECH': Gay CNN anchor defends 'Duck Dynasty' star

‘I don’t think he should be fired’

'You will be made to care'

Screen shot 2013-12-19 at 9.06.56 AM

You’re either in the Duck Dynasty camp or the “Pajama Boy” camp. Somebody will lose.

Matt Lewis: 'Duck Dynasty' vs. 'Pajama Boy': Two Americas?


This may be an attack on “unsophisticated” country folks as much as it is an attack on orthodox Christianity.