Startup Allegedly Scams Employee Out Of Thousands Of Dollars

Tech | Eric Lieberman
A boss holding a glass jar with a younger businessman trapped in it, exemplifying dominance. [Shutterstock - Ollyy - 99779465]

Founder accused of photoshopping money wire transfers

Trumpified: Donald Trump Gets The Photoshop Makeover

Entertainment | Steve Guest
Trump-shopped: Photo Of Donald Trump Gets Photoshop Makeover (reddit)

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Phot-Obama'd: Pic Of Michelle Fixing Barack's Tie Gets Gut-Busting, Photoshop Makeover

Entertainment | Christian Datoc
'Phot-Obama': Picture Of Michelle Fixing Barack's Tie Gets Hilarious Photoshop Treatment (Reddit)

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These Babysitters' Photoshopped Updates Will Make You Fear For Your Kids' Lives

Entertainment | Giuseppe Macri
Ukalala imgur Babysitters Photoshop

‘But he survived’

Now The Government Thinks It's Time To Regulate Photoshop

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
A model displays a creation of Miss Biki

‘Making a model look too thin, or her skin too flawless, may soon be a violation of federal standards’