planned parenthood

Planned Parenthood Sues So That It Can Keep Getting Funds To Teach Students About Abortion

US | Grace Carr
Follows cuts in teen pregnancy prevention program

12 Year Olds Invited To Sex-Ed Workshop At Muskegon, Michigan School

Education | Dominic Mancini
'Evidence-based' program'

Pro-Life Group Calls Out Doctors For Covering Up Sex Abuse

US | Grace Carr
'Cares more about profits than they do about their patients'

Democrat Kamala Harris Is Spreading LIES About Trump's Abortion Policy

Politics | Anders Hagstrom
Abortion lobby isn't happy!

Abortion Groups Seek To Knock Down Virginia Restrictions With Lawsuit

US | Grace Carr
'New standard to challenge dozens of other restrictions'

Pro-Life Groups Asks Iowa To Cut All Exceptions From Abortion Law

US | Grace Carr
'Without exception and without compromise'

Federal Judge Blocks Arkansas Abortion Law, Again

US | Grace Carr
'Medication abortions without the necessary safety net'

Members Of Congress Call For Investigation Of Planned Parenthood Over Sex Trafficking Allegations

US | Grace Carr
'Unfathomable abuse'

Hundreds Of Women Heading To The ER From Abortions Isn't That Bad, Study Concludes

US | Grace Carr
'Abortion is safe'

Georgetown Removes Pro-Planned Parenthood Page That Violated University Policy

Education | Dominic Mancini
Apparently Planned Parenthood is a 'civil rights' group

Planned Parenthood Worker Illegally Accessed Patient Records So He Could Text Her

US | Grace Carr
'Gross violations of the law'

Here's Where Tennessee's Republican Candidates GOP Stand On Abortion

Politics | Grace Carr
'I'm pro-life and I'm pro-adoption'

Watch These Men Explain Why They Should Have Been Dads, And How Abortion Tore It All Apart

US | Grace Carr
'Over 55 million forgotten fathers bear the silent scars of abortion'

OPINION: Most Major Media Outlets Are BOUGHT AND PAID FOR By Planned Parenthood. Here's How To Break Through

Opinion | Thomas Ciesielka
The fight against abortion is exhausting but let us not grow weary. God is on our side

Meet The Man Who's Trying To Stop Oregon From Funding Abortions

US | Grace Carr
'More support than you might expect in a state like Oregon'

Planned Parenthood Frustrated With Arkansas Abortion Law. Asks Judge To Reconsider Again

US | Grace Carr
Eager to expedite the case

Acceptability Of Teen Sex Up 10 Percent In Five Years

US | Julia Cohen

56 Lawmakers Sign Letter Calling For Planned Parenthood Probe

US | Virginia Kruta
'Planned Parenthood failed in its duty.'

Planned Parenthood Engaged In Massive Sex Abuse Cover-Up, Investigative Report Finds

Health | Grace Carr
'Absolutely appalling'

Planned Parenthood Launches Tracking Trump

US | Grace Carr
'Illegally trying to dismantle Title X'

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