This Is The 'Sexist' PlayStation 4 Ad Sony Just Pulled

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
'I bet you've already done it today'

Sixteen-Year-Old Girl Kills Atlanta Man Over Playstation 4

US | Kaitlan Collins
While her child was nearby

New Surgery Simulator Announced For PS4

Tech | Charles Thompson

PlayStation 4 gets a Virtual Reality upgrade

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
'VR has been a dream of many gamers since the computer was invented'

Find out where to get the sold-out PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this weekend

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Amateur PlayStation porn is all the rage

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Playroom or Playboy?

Watch and learn: Play PS4 on your Xbox One

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Bring peace to the console war in your living room

PlayStation 4 sells out with millions still waiting

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Is the video game slump over?

A tornado leveled this man's house, but his PlayStation survived

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
It really is the most powerful next-gen console

Your new PlayStation 4 won't spy on you -- but the PlayStation Network will

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Online gaming tracks more information than ever before

PlayStation 4's weekend launch dragged down as users complain about glitches

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Next generation console gets beaten up on social media sites

PS4, Xbox One hard drives will only fit 12 full-sized games

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are each equipped with 500GB of internal storage

Video: Sony tries to win over gamers with 24 PlayStation 4 exclusives

Sony has released a video promoting all the exclusive content coming to the PlayStation 4

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