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Canada Won't List Polar Bears On Its Endangered Species List

Polar bear cub - Hannibal Hanschke/Reuters

‘We’re obviously disappointed’

Leave The Polar Bears Alone

Polar bear twin cubs are seen in Vienna's Schoenbrunn zoo

Is there an animal that gets enlisted into the climate change fight more often than these guys?

Scientists Admit Polar Bear Numbers Were Made Up To 'Satisfy Public Demand'

Polar bear twin cubs are seen in Vienna's Schoenbrunn zoo

‘Never meant to be considered scientific estimates’

This is the cutest thing you will see all day

Please watch this adorable polar bear try and take its first steps IMMEDIATELY

Obama appoints a couple of polar bear guys

Obama .JPEG

And here you thought the president was ineffective…

SAY CHEESE: Environmental activists use polar bear's death as photo-op [PHOTO]


Scientist: ‘They kept track of him until he died, so they could get a useful picture of his dead carcass’

Arctic expedition to highlight global warming brings guns to fight off polar bears


‘Obviously our main strategy is going to be to avoid the polar bear’

Polar bear population reaches its limits


‘There are far more polar bears alive today than there were 40 years ago’

World’s Largest Wildlife Trade Convention Rejects Polar Bear Trade Ban - Safari Club International

Polar bear research animal courtesy of Dr. Mitchell Taylor.

“The polar bear has not undergone a marked population decline.”

An inconvenient truth: More polar bears alive today than 40 years ago

Polar Bear

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates 20,000 to 25,000 polar bears worldwide

Environmentalists see court ruling against polar habitat as 'temporary setback' - TheDCNF


Proposed habitat would have been bigger than California