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Cops raid the wrong apartment, tie down innocent 75-year-old woman

Ruth Hunter / WTVR screenshot

‘I thought it was just someone breaking in to rob me and kill me’

Sicko cop shoots Texas man's dog on site

‘And then I had to do the unthinkable’

Caught on camera: Cop kicking kids during a soccer game

Tripping / KXAN screenshot

‘I think he should have used better judgment’

Elderly man calls for ambulance, violent cops beat him instead

Elbert Breshears / KSPR 33 screenshot

‘I never had anybody jump on me for doing nothing’

Cop beats up model Air Force captain in his own home, issues arrest weeks later

‘Excuse me sir, but who are you? And why are you here?’

Tucson cop who randomly slammed woman to the ground not so tough after receiving threats

KGUN screenshot

Sgt. Joel Mann pulled off the streets for his own safety

Non-profit launches free online database of more than 20 years of police misconduct

Oakland police officers arrest a demonstrator during a nation-wide May Day protest in Oakland

‘[Website is] an investigation into one of the most troubled police departments in the nation’

Man wrongly jailed for 15 months until this video proved cop had lied

Ronald Jones / WFAA news 8 screenshot

‘He spent 15 months in jail for something he didn’t do’

Police violence in Tucson after Arizona Elite Eight loss: 'The officer just rammed her' [VIDEO]

YouTube screenshots/Tyler Charles Boring

Witnesses also say cops started the riot they were sent to stop

UVA student was victim of malicious, spiteful cops, $40 million lawsuit claims

University of Virginia. Photo: Creative Commons/Todd Vance

Cops acted ‘out of anger and personal spite’

Did this police department shoot an unarmed man AGAIN?

Alfred Redwine / Youtube screenshot

‘He did not have a gun’

Was this man killed by cops because he camped in the wrong spot?

James Boyd / Youtube screenshot

Police say shooting was justified

This video of a cop snapping a kid's arm will make you scream

Public school cop was suspended

Awful bill would make it even harder to report police abuse

South Park Cartman / Youtube screenshot

‘If they find nothing wrong, as they nearly always do, you could then be arrested for a felony’

Cop arrives at traffic accident, shoots Air Force airman, chief calls it 'appropriate force'

Michael Davidson / WTVM screenshot

‘They couldn’t have been there for three or four seconds when I was shot’

Justice for 16-year-old boy who was beaten bloody by police and sent to hospital

Handcuffs / Wikipedia

‘If you want to be a smartass, come here’

Brutality? Cops taser unarmed man TWICE while holding him against the floor

‘Police work isn’t always pretty’