political correctness

The Scouts' Inclusion Of Girls Is A DISASTER For Both Boys And Girls

op-ed | Gary Bauer
The Boy Scouts was an organization where boys learned to become men. Goodbye to all that

Political Correctness Hallucinates Immigrants As Animals

op-ed | David Gornoski
Followers of the church of political correctness deeply want to atone for their own feelings

WHINY AND BROKEN: The Linguistic Minefield Of Today's Politically Correct Tranny

op-ed | Sophia Narwitz
All of this makes us look like the whiniest and most broken people on the planet

Elevating Politically Incorrect Statements Above Honorable Service Is Just What Democrats Do

op-ed | Ken Allard
Mike Pompeo and Ronny L. Jackson are the latest sacrifices to the cult of the Democrats

Walmart Declares War On Christian Music

op-ed | Jeffrey S. Podoshen
Retail giant leaves consumers in rural and underserved markets with even fewer choices

Here Is The Unbelievably Dumb Reason Fancypants Leftists Changed 'Moslems' To 'Muslims'

op-ed | Nirmal Dass
Where are the language police getting their money?

Trump's Millennial Forum Was An Epic Failure

Editorial | Scott Greer
It was really bad

The UK Is Now Criminalizing Offensive Jokes

Editorial | Scott Greer
The horror.

Lefty Journos Weaponize Tweets Against Their Enemies -- Demand Exemption From The Same Treatment

Editorial | Scott Greer
Offensive jokes on Twitter can cost you a job, unless you're a leftist

Trudeau A Laughingstock Over ‘Peoplekind’ Remarks

Video | David Krayden

Trudeau Interrupts Woman, Asks Her To Use 'Peoplekind' Not 'Mankind

World | David Krayden
Dear Lord...

How Political Correctness And Identity Politics Are Destroying America

op-ed | Josh Wagoner
Democrats say they don't feel the need to self-censor. Republicans and independents do. Why?

Of Pothole Countries And The Sh**hole, That Ill-Begotten Epithet

op-ed | David Landau
In the 2016 election campaign, Trump said portions of the United States were a third-world country

EXCLUSIVE: Anti-PC Professor Suing NYU Speaks Out

Education | Patrick Granger
'I was the only person that demurred'

'The Last Jedi' Is Full Of Weak Male Characters And Steeped In Politically Correct Orthodoxy

op-ed | Jon Brown
Any attempt by the new men of 'Star Wars' to be daring or chivalrous is frowned upon

Majority Of Canadians OK With ‘Eskimos’ Football Team Name

Sports | David Krayden
‘...we are keenly listening to all input including from our loyal season seat holders and fans.’

University Of Michigan Gives Social Justice Warriors Free Room And Board To Investigate 'Bias'

Education | Eric Owens
'Diversity peer educators' will also monitor politically incorrect language

Now They Are Coming For Our Founding Fathers

op-ed | Joe Alton
This cultural revolution is a slippery slope that was was never going to stop with Confederates.

George Washington Becomes The Latest Victim Of PC Culture

op-ed | Eddie Zipperer
An Episcopalian church removed plaques honoring our nation's father because he owned slaves.

If You Have To Google It, It’s Not A Racial Slur

op-ed | David Benkof
The culture of offense has gone way too far.

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