Socialism (is) for dummies

Opinion | Burt Prelutsky

Why capitalism works and socialism doesn’t.

Ron Schiller's worldview is wrong

Opinion | Dr. Richard Brake

Ron Schiller is wrong about liberals being “more educated, fair and balanced than conservatives.”

David Brooks is wrong: Size matters!

Opinion | Janie Johnson

The New York Times columnist is wrong about the proper size of government.

The 'liberal gene' reconsidered

Opinion | Max Borders

Faster than you can say liberalism is a birth-defect, people are reading what they want into a new study.

Communism alive and well. Naivete in full bloom

Editorial | Michael Brown

Two decades after the fall of the Soviet Union, communism lives on in America.

TheDC Review: 'Proud to Be Right: Voices of the Next Conservative Generation' - TheDC

Politics | Amanda Carey

In a new anthology edited by Jonah Goldberg, America’s up-and-coming conservatives speak out

Conservatives without a cause

Opinion | Travis Korson

Before conservatives can tackle the crisis of growing government and spiraling debt, they’ll need to unite.

10 questions with "DUPES" author Paul Kengor - TheDC

Politics | Jamie Weinstein

The executive director for the Center for Vision and Values and a political science professor speaks to TheDC

Surprise! Conservatives are more generous than liberals

Feature:Opinion | Billy Hallowell

Contrary to what liberals like to believe, conservatives give more to charity than liberals do and are more likely to volunteer.

Why Hollywood loves Democrats

Opinion | Prateik Dalmia

Successful Hollywood actors feel that their success is unearned — and, therefore, that capitalism is unfair.

The conservative ascent

Opinion | Richard M. Reinsch II

Barack Obama’s precipitous rise to the White House and his awesome expansion of federal power are frequently explained either as the products of failure or as crucial elements in progressivism’s undoing of American Constitutionalism

Revolutions are revealing

Opinion | Diana Banister and Craig Shirley

The fundamental principle of conservatism is freedom. Hard-working, law abiding, compassionate Americans whose motivation revolves around this principle are not to be feared but to be embraced

David Frum is a conservative

Opinion | John Guardiano

Most conservatives – including Right Wing News’ John Hawkins and the American Spectator’s R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. – are wrong about David Frum; and their intolerance for Frum’s dissent is hurting the right

What’s wrong with Europe’s view of America’s right?

Opinion | James Michael Pratt

Ridicule Americans avoiding European-style social and economic failure—but the hick, gun-toting American conservative “right” will revive a Constitutional approach to bottom-up governance we have been famous for

OPINION: The Internet is liberally biased - CNN

Tech | interns

Why the web benefits liberals more than conservatives

The Paul-Maddow interview: A liberal’s second thoughts

Opinion | Lanny Davis

Shocking, just shocking, that Rand Paul may actually be a real, authentic “Mr. Smith” who is ready to come to Washington to stick to his principles, come what may. Come to think of it, he does remind me of Jimmy Stewart and Mr. Smith. He certainly talks like him

On immigration, Arizona’s law is right and proper

Opinion | Mark Impomeni

In the case of Arizona’s new law, all of the emotional arguments appear to be coming from those who oppose the state’s actions. Conservative supporters of the law need not be reminded to make their arguments on principle. They already are

A tale of American socialism

op-ed | Lenny McAllister

Many Americans complained loudly when the government bailed out car companies. Some Americans would now prefer the complaints over the economic crisis they now face.

A new advocate for America’s foundational principles

Opinion | Scott Erickson

The consequential and timely ascendance of Heritage Action for America will prove a defining moment in the transformation of America’s political landscape

Diary of a pre-certified teacher, Vol. IX: Camelot and punitive liberalism

Opinion | Augustine Brehon

I am taking a class to become certified as a teacher, and this week we are learning about the different school curriculums.