Melania Trump PERSONALLY Silences Media Speculation About Her Health And Whereabouts

Media | Amber Athey
'I see the media is working overtime'

Journalists Continue To Speculate About Melania's Whereabouts Post-Surgery -- 'People Are Starting To Get Concerned'

Media | Amber Athey
'It's weird, right?'

Pelosi Admits She Wants To Raise Your Taxes, But Don't Worry, It'll Be In A 'Bipartisan Way'

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'That's accurate'

More Trouble For Milo's Empire

Media | Joe Simonson
'I think [Politico] is blowing this out of proportion.'

MSNBC Hands Down Its Verdict On Joy Reid

Media | Nick Givas
Not the first time this has occurred

Inside Look Into ABC Reporter's Torrid Affair With Fidel Castro

Media | Nick Givas
'We did get to bed, and he made love to me quite expertly'

Report: Politico Reporter Spoke At Conference For Advocacy Group She Regularly Covers

Media | Peter Hasson

Mike Rogers Cracks 'Dad Joke,' Gets Smeared For Being Racist

Politics | Anders Hagstrom
Fake news

Economists Predict Recession During The 2020 Election

Business | Thomas Phippen
'It's going to take some real good policy making'

Politico Rolls Out Misleading Poll To Show Trump's Tax Cuts Aren't Working

Politics | Robert Donachie
Is this not misleading?

WaPo Tries To Say Steve Mnuchin Wants Gun Control -- His Office's Response Blew Their Hair Off

Politics | Christian Datoc
Clear as crystal

Politico Shows Utter Lack Of Understanding Of Christianity To Make Political Claim

US | Joshua Gill
'Anti-abortion, evangelical leaders'

Politico Freelancer Blames Men For Mass Shootings

US | Grace Carr
'Time to have a close look at our culture'

Workers Who Object Abortions And Transgender Treatments May Find Reprieve Under New Rule

US | Grace Carr
'To be forced under pain of losing one’s job is just outrageous'

Report: Alcohol Tax Cuts May Lead To More Drunk Driving, Abuse Among Teens

Politics | Nick Givas
'Republican tax law will be dire'

Obama Just Got Caught In A Massive Scandal So Ben Rhodes Is Telling Yarns

Politics | Peter Hasson
'Orchestrated smear campaign'

Paul Ryan Adamant That He Isn't Resigning

Politics | Robert Donachie
'I’m not going anywhere'

Report: Female Lieutenant Governor Will Replace Franken If He Resigns

Politics | Henry Rodgers
Franken's Replacement?

Elaine Chao Admits To Having A #MeToo Story

US | Amber Randall
'You have to let it go'

FLASHBACK: Susan Collins Called Farenthold 'So Unattractive, It's Unbelievable'

Politics | Grace Carr
'Did you see the picture of him?'

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