Colorado's 'Mad Pooper' May Be A Brain-Damaged Transsexual

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
poop Shutterstock/Zamurovic Photography
Ain't that some $#!+

Civil Rights Leaders: Remove Confederate Memorials In Arizona But Don't POOP ON THEM

US | Eric Owens
poop Shutterstock/Zamurovic Photography

‘Removal is what we’re after, not defecation’

Thousands Sign Petition Demanding Deportation Of Trump's Star From Hollywood Walk Of Fame

US | Eric Owens
Donald Trump Walk of Fame star YouTube screenshot/CNN

‘The community does not think he deserves to be represented there’

EUREKA!: Someone Created A Poop Map Of San Francisco To Track The Homeless

US | Scott Greer

A problem than can’t be flushed down the drain

Who Keeps Pooping All Over Courtrooms In Madison, Wis.?

US | Eric Owens

The Daily Caller investigates

Well, Crap!: Dog Doo Forces Emergency Plane Landing

Entertainment | Katie Frates

Cleanup in aisle 1

High School Student Busted For Mailing Dog And Cow Poop To Vice Principal

Education | Eric Owens
(YouTube screenshot/Hidden Camera Classics)

A messy situation in Maryland