Former Boston Archbishop Outed In Pedophilia Scandal Dies

World | Joshua Gill
Cardinal Bernard Law waves to the faithful at the end of a ceremony for Our Lady of the Snows, in the Basilica of St. Mary Major in Rome, August 5, 2004. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi/File Photo

‘Love for the church’

Vatican Arrests Its 'Sex Symbol' For Leaking Documents

World | Blake Neff
Francesca Chaouqui and her partner in a rather risque photo [YouTube screengrab]

Documents will likely cause major embarrassment for Holy See

WikiLeaks Hypes Giant Saudi-Vatican Conspiracy, Gives Zero Evidence

World | Ivan Plis

Did Saudis say ‘we’ll spare the Christians’?

'Anti-Catholic Bigotry' -- Condom Portrait Of Pope Benedict Enrages Catholics

US | Emmakristina Sveen
'Eggs Benedict' by Niki Johnson, Acquired by Milwaukee Art Museum

‘We would be opposed to any faith tradition or religious leader being attacked in such a way’

A Message For Pope Francis On Climate

| Paul Driessen

It’s not climate change, but energy restrictions based on climate fears, that threaten the poor

Europe's Uncertain Values: Christianity, Or Secularism And Decline?

Opinion | Fr. Benedict Kiely

The tolerance Christendom once extended won’t exist in a post-Christian Europe.

The secret finances of the Vatican

Business | Andrew Sachais

The Pope had a goal of financial transparency when he assumed his role, it has yet to be accomplished

Rome Craigslist ad seeks 'leader of international religion'

World | Taylor Bigler

‘Please note that this position is highly competitive, with applications expected from superstars including Beyonce’

Obama release statement on Pope Benedict XVI's resignation

Politics | Vince Coglianese
Obama pope

‘I have appreciated our work together over these last four years’

How the Catholic Church will pick its new pope [VIDEO]

Video | Will Rahn

A short video explains the process

Boehner says Pope Benedict XVI displayed 'extraordinary humility' by announcing resignation

Politics | Vince Coglianese
John Boehner

‘The Holy Father’s decision displays extraordinary humility and love for the Church’

Pope Benedict launches Twitter account

Tech | David Demirbilek
Vatican Pope Tweets

‘The head of the Church going into a new digital arena to share his words and ideas’

Pope names two new American saints

World | Monique Hamm

Benedict XVI canonized seven new saints over the weekend in Vatican City, including two Americans St. Kateri Tekakwitha and St. Marianne Cope

Pope goes green with new electric cars - TheDCNF

Business | Michael Bastasch
Pope Benedict XVI

Renault gives Benedict XVI two early Christmas presents

Pope's rep applauds bishops' fight with government - AP

US | admin
Archbishop Carlo Vigano

Papal ambassador praises American bishops for confronting the HHS contraceptives mandate

Pope's butler formally questioned in leaks probe - AP

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Pope Benedict XVI

Paolo Gabriele was arrested May 23 and has been held ever since in a secure room inside the Vatican gendarmerie building

Vatican calls for 'central world bank' - TheDC

World | J. Arthur Bloom

Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace statement condemns ‘the idolatry of the market’

Susan Sarandon: Pope Benedict is a 'Nazi' - TheDC

Entertainment | Betsi Fores

Catholics, Jews condemn remarks from liberal activist actress

Pope tweets for the first time - AP

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‘He was clearly in awe at the new technology’