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Pope John Paul II: A life in pictures [SLIDESHOW]

Pretty chill guy

Should Republicans continue to reject evolution?

Romney supporters react after he was projected to lose during his election night rally in Boston

Before the Scopes Monkey Trial, many Protestant Christians were open to the theory of evolution as part of God’s plan

The renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI

In renouncing the power and glory of the papacy, Pope Benedict is putting the interests of the Catholic Church before his own.

Romney ad: Obama has declared 'war on religion' - TheDC

Ad highlights Romney’s campaign trip to Poland, praises Pope John Paul II

Pope's body exhumed ahead of beatification - MSNBC

The coffin was removed from the crypts below St. Peter’s Basilica

What would Reagan do about Egypt?

Reagan would be on the side of religious liberty.

Pope John Paul ... the Great?

Pope John Paul II is well on his way to sainthood, but Catholics remain divided on his legacy.

The End and the Beginning: George Weigel

George Weigel’s new book explores how John Paul II fought totalitarianism, and how he lived the Christian virtues.

A brief look at the pope's British visit - AP

The highlight of the tour takes place in Birmingham in central England, where the pope will formally beatify Cardinal John Henry Newman, one of the most prominent 19th-century converts from the Church of England

Catholic sex abuse crisis calls for reform

This reform should remind the bishops and the faithful alike of their shared pastoral mission not only to preach the Catholic faith, but to also live it in their daily lives

Papal gunman Mehmet Ali Agca released from prison

Mehmet Ali Agca, the gunman who tried to kill pope John Paul II in 1981, has been released from prison in Turkey after almost three decades behind bars