Misguided Postal Reform Would Bilk Taxpayers For Billions of Dollars

op-ed | Ross Marchand
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The USPS has dug itself into a deep financial hole

Court Decision: USPS cannot ban guns in their parking lots - GunsSaveLives.net

Gun Laws & Legislation | Guns and Gear

“Ban cannot apply to a gun a left in a car in the parking lot”

Postal cuts to slow delivery of first-class mail - AP

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Estimated $3 billion in reductions, to be announced in broader detail on Monday

GAO says USPS proposal would amount to a bailout - TheDC

US | Alexis Levinson

USPS contends it has paid too much money to the federal government to fund retiree health benefits

Oversight committee touts Postal Service reform plan in new Web video - TheDC

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‘Today, the Postal Service almost can’t pay its bills’

Is your neighborhood Post Office on the list? - MSNBC

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The U.S. Postal Service is proposing to close 3,700 post offices nationwide

Issa calls on Postal Workers Union to stop running 'misleading ad' - TheDC

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The USPS will lose at least $8.3 billion this fiscal year, following an $8.5 billion loss last year

USPS suspends retirement contributions to save money - TheDC

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The suspension of payments, according to the USPS, will free up ‘about $800 million in the current fiscal year’

Post office loss tops $300 million in first quarter - AP

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‘The Postal Service continues to seek changes in the law to enable a more flexible and sustainable business model’

The Hayek Fund: fighting back against the nanny state

op-ed | Steven Kiel

Liberal investors have “socially responsible investment funds.” Now conservative investors have The Hayek Fund.

Why Keynes was wrong - Forbes

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MBA despairs for the current state of macroeconomics

EPA HQ contaminated with toxic lead - The Daily Caller

US | Jonathan Strong

Agency headquarters records lead levels 92,500% above federal limit, gov. let mentally disabled janitors work in most heavily contaminated area

Special delivery

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Police in North Carolina said a woman opened a package she believed to be her new computer and discovered 45 pounds of marijuana