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President Trump Urges Bipartisan Efforts On Border Security

Politics | Mike Brest

DHS Sec Nielsen Defends Trump Administration's Migrant Policies From 'Irresponsible And Unproductive' Press

Politics | Scott Morefield
She cut through the smoke...

Trump: 'No Russian Collusion, So Now They Look For Obstruction'

Politics | Mike Brest

Rudy Giuliani: Trump's 'Wackadoodle' FBI Investigators Belong In Psych Ward

Politics | Scott Morefield

George Will Says GOP Support For 'Buccaneer Currently In The White House' Isn't A Cult, 'It Is Fear'

Media | Scott Morefield
NeverTrumpers gonna NeverTrump

Random New Yorker Calls Out Michael Cohen -- 'That Guy That's Going To Jail!'

US | Scott Morefield
'Way to go, bud!'

Jesse Watters: Obama Would Be On Mount Rushmore If He Had Gotten As Far As Trump Has With North Korea

Media | Scott Morefield
So true...

Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Future Political Aspirations And Why Kanye 'Loves' Trump

Politics | Scott Morefield
'Never say never!'

Sarah Sanders Slams Whiny Reporter On Families Separated At Border

Politics | Mike Brest
'Settle down I'm trying to be serious'

Sarah Sanders Goes Off On NY AG Targeting Trump Foundation

Politics | Mike Brest
'That sounds outrageously biased'

'Morning Joe' Compares US Immigration Detention Facilities To Concentration Camps

Politics | Mike Brest
'Taken off to the showers'

'Don't Say Silly Things' -- Pompeo Hammers Reporters For 'Ludicrous' Questions On North Korea

World | Scott Morefield
'It's not productive...'

Pelosi: 'It Pays To Have A Nuclear Bomb In Your Pocket' When Negotiating With Trump

Politics | Scott Morefield
'Let's hope for the best'

Kathy Griffin Calls Kevin Hart A 'Pu**y' For Not Condemning Trump

Entertainment | Mike Brest
'I personally think that's a pu**y move because he's a black man'

Mika Compares Trump To Fred Flintstone, Tweets To 'Writing Things On Stone'

Politics | Mike Brest
'Almost caveman-like'

Rand Paul Hopes John Bolton Was 'At The Children's Table' During North Korea Summit

Politics | Scott Morefield
Seen and not heard...

'You Moron!' -- Fireworks Ensue On 'The Five' When Juan Williams Misrepresents Gutfeld On NoKo

Media | Scott Morefield
'You are such a baby, Juan!'

President Trump's Chances Of Winning Nobel Peace Prize Just Went Through The Roof

World | Scott Morefield
Will the anti-Trump members of the Nobel committee be forced to begrudgingly consider him?

UFC Champ Wants To Visit The White House – Fires Shots At Eagles, Warriors

Sports | Mike Brest
'The Eagles and the Golden State Warriors play with balls. I let my balls hang out'

President Trump Gives 'Hurt' Trudeau And 'Rip-Off' EU An Economics Lesson -- 'Fair Trade' Is 'Fool Trade'

Politics | Scott Morefield
'Change is coming!'

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