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Marco Rubio: I'm Ready To Be President

Dismisses low popularity: ‘Polls are everywhere all the time’

Restoring responsible leadership

Stock Photo of the Consitution of the United States and Feather Quill

“The White House and the Congress have loosed a spirit of lawlessness”

Pelosi: 'I'm excited about the prospect of a woman president'

House Minority Leader speculates on the presidential aspirations of Hillary Clinton

Michael Moore thanks Hurricane Sandy for Obama win

Michael Moore (AP)

The liberal filmmaker published a joyful blog post on Wednesday

FEC forms: Mysterious presidential candidate reported raising billions in 2008 - TheDCNF


Apparently, Hillary Clinton wasn’t Barack Obama’s only wealthy Democratic primary challenger in 2008. A Texas man named Lee L. Mercer, Jr. reported to the FEC that he raised $900 million during that presidential election cycle. That’s about $120 million more than Obama collected on his way to the White House. Well, not exactly. Mercer’s campaign [...]

Youthful challenger takes on Chavez in Venezuela - AP

Venezuela Chavez Challenger.JPEG

Venezuelan presidential candidate Henrique Capriles seeks “balanced elections” against President Hugo Chavez.

Is Sarah Palin running for president, or just desperate for attention? - TheDC

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin certainly wants people to think she’s running for president. But is she?

For FreedomWorks, Atlas is already Shrugging - TheDC

In a quick video, FreedomWorks does a handy job of blending fact and fiction

Allen West not closed to idea of being Donald Trump's VP - TheDC

Allen West not closed to idea of being Donald Trump’s VP

Daniels talks to Indianapolis Star reporters about possible run - TheDC

Daniels: I would run ‘because I do think, and I hope I am wrong, that the country has put itself in a very difficult place’

Jumping the gun: Pawlenty says 'I'm running;' Not official, says campaign - AP

Pawlenty moved quickly Tuesday to knock down a CNN story that appeared to show him officially entering the race

Against It Before He Was For It - TheDC

Presidents are loath to admit error. That’s what press secretaries are for

Romney's boring announcement - TheDC

To some, Mitt Romney’s announcement of his presidential exploratory committee was for the birds

Sessions on pending Obama speech: start over with a new budget - TheDC

‘I think he needs to do more than to just give a speech. I think he’s gonna need to submit a new budget’

Conservatives: Bill would increase number of Obama's czars - TheDC

Legislation co-sponsored by Tennessee GOP Sen. Lamar Alexander backs away from adding accountability to Obama’s 37 czars

Conan: Trump trashes himself! [VIDEO] - TheDC

Donald Trump tells us all how he thinks he would do as President

How 'Sweet Micky' transformed from carnival singer to Haiti's president - CSM

Haiti celebrates as the former pop star secures more than 2/3 of the votes in the run-off election held on March 20

Obama 2012 campaign launches with web video, 'It Begins With Us' [VIDEO] - TheDC

President Obama’s 2012 campaign officially kicked off early Monday morning with a YouTube video

Syrian president blames turmoil on 'conspirators' - AP

Assad ignores cries for reform and instead blames foriegn conspirators for widespread unrest

Former Gov. Gary Johnson to run for president - NM Independent

Johnson will bypass the exploratory phase and go directly into his candidacy for the Republican nomination