NSA documents leaked by Snowden now available on public database

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
'The fact is that most of the documents...should have never been secret in the first place'

NSA reveals Silicon Valley KNEW about mass Internet spying

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Citizen Steinfein to Senator Feinstein: Welcome to my world

Opinion | Mike Church
The NSA-defending California Senator gets a taste of what happens daily to millions of Americans.

Report: Google and Yahoo data centers infiltrated by NSA

Tech | Josh Peterson
The agency bypassed security, giving it access to reams and reams of data

Dem congressman: NSA surveillance hurts the economy

Tech | Josh Peterson
'If a foreign enemy was doing this much damage to our economy, people would be in the streets with pitchforks'

NSA keeps detailed records of citizens' friend networks

Tech | Josh Peterson
This is what many privacy advocates have been warning about

Keith Alexander sidekick dubbed NSA's 'mad scientist'

Tech | Breanna Deutsch
'He's smart, crazy, and dangerous'

DNI to annually release telecom national security info

Tech | Josh Peterson
The intel community appears to be trying to help U.S. cloud providers win back user trust over the recent PRISM scandal

Smart homes: A threat to privacy

Opinion | Roger Gallager
An entrepreneurial hacker could find out what's in your fridge -- or turn on your bidet.

Tech companies offer civil liberties recommendations to WH

Tech | Josh Peterson
U.S. tech companies are hoping to restore user trust in their services

See how much Internet traffic the NSA scans

Tech | Josh Peterson
Hint: It's more than the White House lets on

These businesses want the government to disclose surveillance demands

Tech | Josh Peterson
Support continues to mount for Franken bill

How Obama nixed anti-NSA hearing

Politics | Josh Peterson
Critics of domestic surveillance program booted into the middle of next month, or the month after

Facebook continues pushback against PRISM allegations

Tech | Josh Peterson
Internet companies are worried about the affect Snowden's allegations could have on user confidence

Why the surveillance state must end

Opinion | Theo Caldwell
Chris Christie's shameful appeal to victimhood misses the point about post-9/11 civil liberties.

Are Obama's data power grabs just another 'phony scandal'?

Opinion | Seton Motley
Unions are starting to follow the administration's Orwellian example

Report: US tech companies lose business after PRISM revelations

Tech | Josh Peterson
The companies repeatedly denied participating in the PRISM Internet surveillance program

Companies beg Obama administration to reveal their secrets

Politics | Josh Peterson
Companies allegedly cooperating with the government are hoping to calm their users and win back their trust

NSA official explains how it spies on people who know people who know people who might be terrorists

Politics | Josh Peterson
Call this 'a second or third hop query'

Brad Thor: 'PRISM is one of the most benign things' NSA is doing

Politics | Jamie Weinstein
'There are some other databases that are there that are absolutely amazing'

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