Google's new privacy policy places users' faces in ads

Tech | Josh Peterson
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Search engine juggernaut assures users they can control this feature

Now ANYONE can search for you on Facebook

Tech | Josh Peterson
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Social media giant tells users to control what they post rather than worry about who can see it

Surveillance reform on hold, and the government shutdown is the excuse

Tech | Josh Peterson
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Lawsuits, review groups, all on hold until Congress can pass a budget

NSA keeps detailed records of citizens' friend networks

Tech | Josh Peterson
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This is what many privacy advocates have been warning about

DOJ: FBI privacy rules for drones same as manned aircraft

Tech | Josh Peterson
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Drones and manned aircraft offer different capabilities to investigators, demanding different privacy protocols

Congress: Restore Our Rightful Privacy Ownership

Opinion | Scott Cleland
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Americans want their privacy back.

One major concern has Facebook users fleeing the site in droves

Tech | Josh Peterson
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Social network giant lost 9 million users in a single month, study reports

FAA approves drone use over Alaskan oil fields

Tech | Josh Peterson
Drone Hunting

Environmental surveying, wildlife management and search-and-rescue missions expected

Tech companies offer civil liberties recommendations to WH

Tech | Josh Peterson

U.S. tech companies are hoping to restore user trust in their services

Report: NSA broke privacy laws 'thousands of times' since 2008

US | Josh Peterson
(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File)

‘Most serious incidents included a violation of a court order and unauthorized use of data’

Anti-Google group pushes Gmail privacy scare

Tech | Josh Peterson
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Class action lawsuit alleges that search engine giant violated the Maryland Wiretap Act

House members urge senators to resist SEC email power grab

Politics | Josh Peterson

Agency wants to continue to conduct warrantless surveillance of electronic communications

Financial regulators like your emails, but they don't like warrants

Politics | Josh Peterson
Mary Jo White SEC

New proposal may allow new SEC snooping powers

Rand Paul threatens to block new FBI chief over drone issue

Politics | Josh Peterson
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Outgoing Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Robert Mueller is late in responding to Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul’s inquiry about FBI surveillance drone use

Make apps, not more rules

Opinion | John Stephenson
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Apps are becoming increasingly expensive to build and market to the public.

NSA surveillance leaks damage Obama administration's Internet freedom agenda

Politics | Josh Peterson

NSA surveillance scandal ‘definitely undermines’ U.S. Internet freedom efforts

School district scanned kids' eyes without parents' consent

Education | Charles Rollet

‘I feel like my son’s civil rights were violated’

Personal friend of Snowden speaks out in support

Tech | Josh Peterson
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The two met while on assignment in Geneva in 2007

NSA phone data-mining operation of all US Verizon customers revealed

Tech | Josh Peterson

The NSA has been collecting the phone data of all Verizon customers inside the U.S. since at least April 25

Reporter's notebook: Whistleblower Thomas Drake

Politics | Josh Peterson

Former NSA official was prosecuted for leaking information