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Planned Parenthood opponents hold 'Vigil for Victims Day' - TheDC

Coalition of pro-life groups ramps up pressure for defunding Planned Parenthood

Our media is fearless and intrepid -- except when it comes to abortion

Why is Nat Hentoff in the Coshocton Tribune?

Physicians must speak out against abortion

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, doctors regularly denounced abortion. They must do so again.

The state of our unions

The American family is in perilous shape.

Truth and consequences: the politics of abortion

Christians must ask whether their involvement in the abortion debate has helped or hurt the church’s mission.

The difference between smoking and abortion

Smoking, which is enjoyable, may eventually kill; abortions, which are not enjoyable, will immediately kill.

Virginia Pro-Life rally hits political tone - TheDC

Pro-lifers called for immediate action on behalf of their concerns at a rally organized by Pro-Life Unity in Fairfax County, Va., Saturday

Ad watch: Extremely graphic abortion ad airs in D.C. metro - ABC News

The 30-second ad for Missy Smith will air 24 times on local broadcast network affiliates

The culture of life

It is wrong to see abortion as a convenience — like I once did.

"Mad Men" helps make a "decision" over a "choice"

The hit TV show Mad Men treats the abortion issue fairly.

Americans: more pro-life than ever

The pro-life movement is winning.

Abortion groups caught off guard - Politico

Anti-abortion groups got a nationwide ban on coverage for most elective abortions in high-risk insurance pools

U.S. support of Kenya constitution now up to $23 million - TheDC

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama may be pushing their pro-abortion agendas abroad

National Public Radio: choosing sides and controlling the terms of the debate with our money

This should not come as any great shock to us. NPR has long been hostile to conservatives and traditional values. The part I object to most strenuously, that I think we should all object to, is that NPR takes public tax money to spread its pro-abortion bias

BREAKING: Bart Stupak to announce retirement today - The Atlantic

Bart Stupak to announce retirement today, top Democrats briefed on his decision say

Political debate reignited by anti-abortion measures - The Wall Street Journal

Following the passage of the health-care bill, states are taking step to limit abortion, which is sparking debate across the country

Hillary invades Canada!

To be true to her mission to the North, Madam Secretary’s limo should have borne the flag she is actually serving—the Jolly Roger

Stop attacking pro-life, Stupak

He should have stuck with the Stupak Amendment and he ought to quit attacking pro-life

Yet another case of campus discrimination

Free speech for pro-life advocates shot down during Week for Life event at Duke University

Stupak’s ‘just not that into us’

Women love a hero. We love a strong man we can admire and praise. We pro-life women thought Rep. Bart Stupak was our man, but oh were we so wrong