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Trump To Deliver Keynote At Gala Hosted By Anti-Abortion Group

Politics | Kyle Morris
'...taxpayers could not have a stronger ally in the White House than President Trump'

If Babies Can Feel The Warmth Of A Towel Then They Can Feel Pain At Twenty Weeks

op-ed | Reagan Barklage
The irony of this is not lost

Students Plan Pro-Life Walkout After School Supported Anti-Gun Protest

Education | Derek Hunter
The organizer has been summoned to the principal's office

Twitter Is Cracking Down On Pro-Lifers Who Defend Unborn Babies

Investigative Group | Peter Hasson
'This is a human'

Where Has America's Dignity Gone, And Why Can't We Find It To Protect The Unborn?

op-ed | Evan Vernon
We can no longer deny the precious sanctity of life.

LGBT Group At Christian School Bans Pro-Life Group From Sexual Health Fair

Education | Ian Miles Cheong
The group was banned from having a spot because it wasn't "sex positive" enough.

Left-Wingers Furious That Democrats Aren't Kicking Pro-Lifers Out Of The Party

Politics | Peter Hasson
'This is a betrayal of every woman who has ever supported the Democratic party'

FACT CHECK: Did the Missouri House Pass a Bill Legalizing Abortion Discrimination?

Politics | Kush Desai
A close reading of bill SB 5 and the St. Louis Ordinance it 'overturns' shows that such claims are incorrect

What Louisiana Can Teach The Nation About Bipartisanship

Opinion | Deanna Wallace
The typical partisan divide on abrotion does not exist in one of the most pro-life states in the Union.

Notorious Kansas Abortion Clinic At Center Of Pro-Life Legal Victories

| Lori Solyom
The clinic attacked people for supporting the sanctity of human life.

When Satire Becomes Absurd

Opinion | Holmes Lybrand
There is nothing scientific or clever about this bill.

Nationwide #DefundPP Rallies Point To 4 Reasons Planned Parenthood Should Be Defunded

Opinion | Eric Scheidler
This isn't a war on women. Women are leading the anti-PP rallies.

Pro-Life Congress Gets To Work

Opinion | Sen. Jerry Moran
Those who once again marched for life can be assured that they are being heard in the halls of Congress.

Historically Low Abortion Rates Demonstrate Pro-Life Success

Opinion | Michael New
Reducing the abortion rate did not come easily.

Mia Love At March For Life: 'Each Child, Born And Unborn, Has The Potential To Open Up Our World'

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

House Passes Bill To Permanently Ban Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

Politics | Kerry Picket
'We are a pro-life Congress'

Roe's Legacy: Proliferation of "Back-Alley" Abortion Clinics

Opinion | Denise Burke
We are seeing a pushback against the abortion industry’s intentionally deceptive propaganda.

Encouraging First Steps For Pro-Lifers From President-Elect Trump

Opinion | Eric Scheidler
The grassroots need to remain vigilant in demanding our new President keep every one of his pro-life promises.

Catholic Democrats Should Choose A New Name -- Or Disband

Opinion | Janet Morana
Trump's Supreme Court picks are far more important than his private comments.

As Planned Parenthood Turns 100, This Is Their Biggest Lie

Opinion | Eric Scheidler
Planned Parenthoodtries to deceive the public into thinking unborn children aren't valuable.

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