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NOT A JOKE: Video called 'Forget About The Price Tag' wins HHS grand prize for promoting Obamacare

‘Affordable Carrrrrre Act. Don’t worry ’bout the priccccce tag’

White House plans PR makeover for Obamacare

Barack Obama apologizing for Obamacare problems. Mark Wilson/Getty Images.

As millions lose health insurance plans, president vows to ‘remarket and rebrand’

White House exerting 'massive pressure' on insurance companies to keep quiet

President Obama holds a meeting with small business owners at the White House in Washington

One lost health insurance plan is a tragedy, but a million is a statistic

What happened when The Daily Caller played 'Thanks, Obamacare,' the game?


It’s like Wolfenstein, except really boring and you have no weapons

Syria's military an unstoppable all-terrain juggernaut, Syrian videos definitively prove

Titanic naval, air and land forces guarantee defeat for Arab republic’s foes, say patriotic musical montages

501(c)(4) applications lower when IRS began targeting conservatives

Nicholas Confessore/Twitter

Despite claims by New York Times and other Obama defenders, the IRS was not swamped with new tax-exemption seekers

Obama uses mom of dead child for political pitch

Connecticut School Shooting.JPEG

The hard-nosed use of a dead child’s mother illustrates the president’s determined effort to combine passage of a gun-control bill with an emotional outreach to a constituency that is vital for his hoped-for victory in the 2014 mid-term election.

Public university art students forced to design anti-gun propaganda

Midwestern State gun control posters

Prof’s website says her specialty is ‘effective design that educates the masses’