property rights

The Taxpayer Cost Of Playing With Trains

Opinion | Kerri Toloczko
Unfortunately for property owners, 'just' compensation is all they get

OPINION: Will South Africa Decline Like Zimbabwe?

Opinion | Brad Lips
The answer comes in strengthening property rights

The Supreme Court Muddles Up Property Rights

Opinion | James Burling & Johh Groen
By failing to strike down anti-property regulations, the Court has failed citizens.

Affordable Housing Shortage's Not-So-Affordable Solution

Opinion | Brian T. Hodges
Inclusionary zoning measures, by their very nature, only add to the affordability problem.

U.S. Unnecessarily Continues to Trail in Property Rights Protections

Opinion | Conner Dwinell
The United States has more work to do in terms of protecting physical property rights and fostering legal and political environments that do not allow for unnecessary seizures

Property Rights After The Rio Olympics

| Brady Wilson
The Rio Games showed us more than just feats of athleticism -- they came with lessons of property rights in Brazil and around the world.

The Persistent Popularity Of Property Rights

Opinion | Brian Seasholes
Policy makers looking for a popular issue would do well to take a look at protecting property rights.

Late For Work? Maybe Zoning Is To Blame.

Opinion | Chuck DeVore
Property rights are better predictors of commute times than infrastructure spending

Creative Industries Protecting Property Rights Through Collaboration, Not Big Government

Opinion | Alexander Hendrie
It's going to take more than government action to curb online piracy

Terry McAuliffe Wants To Give Money To Businesses AND Balance The Budget

Politics | Peter Fricke
Favors new spending too

Storm Mountain: As friendly as its name

US | Greg Campbell

Property rights deserve as much protection as other rights

Opinion | Jim Huffman
A recent Supreme Court decision is a step in the right direction.

Pro-homeless pols give street people the bum's rush

Politics | Charles C. Johnson
When hidden-camera hobos camp out in their own neighborhoods, prominent liberals call cops and DHS

Utah residents sue to reclaim property rights from prairie dogs

Politics | Michael Bastasch

Texas town picks up slack from feds, costs $5 million

US | InternAdmin
City officials argue that undocumented immigrants strain local schools and police resources

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