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Storm Mountain: As friendly as its name

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'It's not a resolved situation yet'

Property rights deserve as much protection as other rights


A recent Supreme Court decision is a step in the right direction.

Pro-homeless pols give street people the bum's rush

When hidden-camera hobos camp out in their own neighborhoods, prominent liberals call cops and DHS

Utah residents sue to reclaim property rights from prairie dogs - TheDCNF

Prairie Dogs
'The government simply overreached'

Legalize sustainability: Join us in our fight for food freedom

The City of Orlando is trying to prevent a family from growing vegetables in their front yard.

What a sell-out: How ticketing companies deny our property rights and monopolize markets

Restrictive ticketing prevents people from exercising basic ownership rights.

Legislative Lowdown: The joke's on you

A round-up of some of this week’s biggest developments on Capitol Hill.

EPA's war on property rights

A recent Supreme Court case sheds light on just how far the agency is willing to go to achieve its aims.

How it became so hard to build a tree house

In recent decades, passive judges have allowed local zoning boards to get out of control.

Texas town picks up slack from feds, costs $5 million - Fox News

Immigration Texas.JPEG

City officials argue that undocumented immigrants strain local schools and police resources

The House strikes a rare blow for property rights

Earlier this week, the House of Representatives passed the ‘Private Property Protection Act.’

The media ignores government's infringements on property rights

The press should be reporting on instances of government overreach.

James Madison was right about property rights

The Constitution’s primary author said that property rights are just as important as our other constitutional rights.