Movember declared 'sexist, racist, transphobic' at Canada's sorry imitation of Harvard

Education | Eric Owens

The mustache ‘has been twisted into a misogynistic tool’

Lockerbie bomber's death imminent - Sky News

World | Vince Coglianese

The Libyan has prostate cancer and relatives say he has been in a coma on life support for around a week

November is moustache month - TheDC

US | Caroline May

Foundation encourages men to grow moustaches in November to raise awareness for men’s health issues

Hey NFL, how about some blue? - TheDC

Sports | Caroline May

Prostate cancer awareness advocates calling on NFL to give them equal time

Rose-colored world - TheDC

| Caroline May

Breast cancer nets considerably higher research funding, publicity than prostate cancer

New reason to take Viagra pops up - FOX News

| Chad Brady (admin)

Researchers say Viagra could also be used to treat prostate cancer

Lockerbie release seen as flawed - WSJ

World | Chad Brady (admin)

The release of Al-Megrahi set off an international furor that continues today in part because Mr. Megrahi remains alive and free in Tripoli

Lawmakers link BP to Lockerbie bomber - CNN

Politics | interns

Reports say oil agreements drove the release of convicted killer

Stars turn out for Dennis Hopper's funeral [VIDEO] - BBC

Entertainment | interns

The Oscar-nominated actor, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2009, died on Saturday at the age of 74