Senate Democrats Fight For More Illegals In Anti-Prostitution Bill

Politics | Neil Munro
U.S. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) (R) talks to the media, after a weekly Senate party caucus luncheon on Capitol Hill in Washington

Abortion dispute in sex trafficking bill hides high-stakes fight over illegal immigration

Legal Trouble! Respected Law School Dean Arrested On Prostitution Charges

Education | Scott Cook
Photo: Getty Images/Brian Harkin

This is one achievement he won’t want on his impressive bio

Hall Of Famer Arrested For Soliciting Prostitute, Assault

Sports | Mickey Hanley

Not a good look for the NFL

Deeply Confused Teachers Union Honcho Moves From Ham Hoax To Super Bowl Prostitute Myth

Education | Eric Owens
Randi Weingarten YouTube screenshot/Clinton Global Initiative

Are you okay, Randi? Can The Daily Caller help?

Phoenix Cracks Down On Guys Seeking Prostitutes Ahead Of Super Bowl

US | Eric Owens
YouTube screenshot/Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee, Getty Images, Getty Images

Super Bowl sex trafficking is the new Super Bowl wife beating

Latest White House Scandal Has Journalist Disillusioned

Opinion | Derek Hunter

‘First instinct is to trust what the WH is saying, but …’

Should undercover cops be allowed to have sex with prostitutes? Cops say yes

US | Robby Soave
Game of Thrones prostitutes / Youtube screenshot

Cops: Let us sleep with prostitutes

New Amnesty International report calls for legalizing sex work

Opinion | Cathy Reisenwitz
France Prostitution.JPEG

Not all prostitution is human trafficking, and pretending it is only helps disempower sex workers.

The best and the brightest: Yale professor who died in jail was also a male escort

Education | Eric Owens
Photo: Yale University public domain Sage Ross, LinkedIn screenshot

Married gay English prof led double life as Ryan Cochran, ‘elite escort’

You can study world's oldest profession in world's oldest civilization!

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prostitute class. Photo: YouTube screenshots/TheGrassrootsNewsTV

‘How to use social networking media skills to expand your client base’

Shutdown drives women into arms of older men

Politics | Patrick Howley

‘The week of September 29th marked the highest growth in daily sign ups in over six months’

Cheerleader sex sting nets high school teacher

Education | Eric Owens
fake cheerleader. Photo: Getty Images/Jay Reilly. KCPQ screenshot

Online personal ad was entitled ‘student looking for older men’

Something new to worry about: 'sex jihad'

World | Eric Owens
Syria. Photos: Getty Images

’20, 30, 100′ militants get lucky per female sex warrior

Spitzer's opponent has more than 40 endorsements, including from top unions

Politics | Patrick Howley

Manhattan Dem Scott Stringer has already raised more than $3.5 million

Minnesota high school cheerleader charged with pimping out teammate

Education | Eric Owens

Unnamed 16-year-old student was looking to earn extra cash

James Lipton used to be a pimp in Paris

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler

Yes, that old guy from ‘Inside the Actors’ studio was an actual pimp in the 1950′s

High school pimp allegedly forced 15-year-old into sex trade [VIDEO]

US | Eric Owens
Travis Lekas CBS DFW screenshot

Police say the 17-year-old hoped to grow Dallas-area business by recruiting middle schoolers

Suspected human trafficking at Saudi diplomatic house outside DC

US | Sarah Hofmann
Mideast Gulf Computer Viruses.JPEG

Two women were removed from a mansion in northern Virginia after allegations of slavery

70-year-old twin sister prostitutes retire after 50 years in the industry

World | Nicole Lafond
Femen prostitutes protest Kiev

Twin prostitutes claims to have slept with 355,000 men combined throughout career