Alex Acosta's Prosecution Of Sex Trafficking

Opinion | Conchita Sarnoff
Trump's Labor Nominee, R. Alexander Acosta: REUTERS/Marc Serota

Alex Acosta succeeded in allowing victims restitution and the opportunity to heal.

Islamic Terrorist Recruiter Hired By George Washington U. Has Been Busted For HOOKERS AND BLOW

Education | Eric Owens
Creative Commons/Brunswyk, YouTube screenshot/CNN, Shutterstock/Steve Allen, Shutterstock/, Shutterstock/photopixel

‘I cannot change the past and I can only work to rectify what I’ve done’

FACT CHECK: Why Russia's Prostitutes Aren't Actually 'The Best In The World'

World | Eric Owens
AFP/Getty Images, Reuters/Vladimir Suvorov

Russia’s YUGE HIV problem is nothing to brag about

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Being A Pimp These Days But Were Afraid To Ask

US | Eric Owens
YouTube screenshots: Neogeorrific, Movieclips, CaptainStar, Skedaren, Armchair Revolutionary, ifonetv

It ain’t easy, but the Internet is making it easier

Geneva Company Hopes To Open A 'Fellatio Cafe' By The End Of The Year

World | Derek Hunter

‘Using an iPad to select a prostitute they want to…’

Rubio: I Wouldn't Outlaw Prostitution

Elections | Christian Datoc

‘I think you can be against something but still say I don’t want the federal government involved in federalizing something.’

New York Cop Caught Running Prostitution Ring Out Of Motels

US | Carly Rolph
An NYPD logo is pictured (REUTERS/Carlo Allegri)

‘The defendant betrayed the trust of the residents of the city he swore to protect’

Story Problems: Eighth Grade Math Questions About Sexual Abuse, Prostitution Raises Eyebrows

Education | Derek Hunter

School district apologizes for “inappropriate” questions

Brothel Has A New Offer For Debt-Strapped Co-Eds

Education | Eric Owens
Bunny Ranch Hookers 4 Hillary YouTube screenshot/Dennis Hof

Obama’s economy in action!

Brothel Owner Protests Austrian Taxes With Exclusive 'Summer Special'

World | Emmakristina Sveen
Germany's Escort Girls Anticipate Increasing Demand During World Cup

Tired of ‘being the tax office’s pimp’

This Guy Is A Teacher AND PASTOR. He Got Busted In A Motel Prostitution Sting

Education | Eric Owens
Larimer County Sheriff, Getty Images

His message to students: ‘Conscience is an expensive thing to keep’

Hookers Endorse Hillary Clinton!

Politics | Patrick Howley

Bunny Ranch brothel shows support

Senate Democrats Fight For More Illegals In Anti-Prostitution Bill

Politics | Neil Munro
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) (R) talks to the media, after a weekly Senate party caucus luncheon on Capitol Hill in Washington

Abortion dispute in sex trafficking bill hides high-stakes fight over illegal immigration

Legal Trouble! Respected Law School Dean Arrested On Prostitution Charges

Education | Scott Cook

This is one achievement he won’t want on his impressive bio

Hall Of Famer Arrested For Soliciting Prostitute, Assault

Sports | Mickey Hanley

Not a good look for the NFL

Deeply Confused Teachers Union Honcho Moves From Ham Hoax To Super Bowl Prostitute Myth

Education | Eric Owens

Are you okay, Randi? Can The Daily Caller help?

Phoenix Cracks Down On Guys Seeking Prostitutes Ahead Of Super Bowl

US | Eric Owens

Super Bowl sex trafficking is the new Super Bowl wife beating

Latest White House Scandal Has Journalist Disillusioned

Opinion | Derek Hunter

‘First instinct is to trust what the WH is saying, but …’