Bill Cosby's Second Trial Is Already Getting Wild

US | Virginia Kruta
She vaulted over a barricade...

D.C. Protesters Shut Down Streets — Have No Clue What They’re Protesting

US | Julia Nista

'Protester Gameday': Watch DACA Protesters Barge Into Senators' Offices, Only To Find Them Empty [VIDEO]

US | Henry Rodgers
'Here to stay!'

Pro-Trump Group Cancels 67 Rallies Due To Safety Concerns

Politics | Phillip Stucky
'Deeply saddened'

NYPD And Protesters Prepare For Three-Day Trump Visit

US | Kerry Picket

Protesters Expected During Sessions's Visit To Long Island

US | Kerry Picket
'We will not allow this!'

Protests Start Up Again In Ferguson

US | Mike Raust
They'd seen new footage from the night Michael Brown died...

ND Law Enforcement Considers Letting Army Corp Of Engineers Protect DAPL After DOJ Snub

US | Kerry Picket
'Secretary John Kelly said he wouldn't abandon us but it looks like that's what the Feds are doing'

DC Police Investigating Report Of Assault On DeVos At Public School

US | Kerry Picket
'No school door in America will be blocked from those seeking to help our nation's school children'

ACLU Accuses D.C. Police Of Violating Rights Of Inauguration Protesters

US | Kerry Picket

Protester Reacts To Trump's Moment Of Inauguration: 'NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!'

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

Tons Of Protesters Were Kicked Out Of Jeff Sessions' Confirmation Hearing

Video | Mike Raust
A compilation of liberal protesters getting kicked out of the Sessions hearing.

Military Vet Pipeline Protesters Are Angry At Wes Clark Jr.

US | Kerry Picket
'There aren't any fights and there aren't any problems yet'

ND Authorities Charge Pipeline Protester With Attempted Murder Of Police

US | Kerry Picket
'They are lucky she didn't shoot all of you'

TCU Black Student Group Issues Outrageous Demands

Education | Annabel Scott
Have no fear, the 'Bias Response Team' is here

Butchered Livestock Found Near Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Camp

US | Kerry Picket
'That's not the way we do things around here and that's terrorizing'

UK Eco-Terrorists Face Prison Time For Barricading Heathrow Airport

Energy | Chris White
'There can be no new runways in the UK if we are to take climate change seriously'

Anti-Fracking Occupiers Use Moats, Tunnels, And Walls To Keep From Being Evicted

Energy | Chris White
Dr. Steven Peers, a spokesperson for the protesters, said the protesters "can hold this for a significant period - weeks if not months"

Social Justice Warriors, Black Lives Matter Activists March Outside GOP Debate

Politics | Eric Owens
Live reporting from among the social justice warriors

Trump Triumphs Over Protest Outside Of SNL Studio

Elections | Kerry Picket

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