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Students capture man after he sneaks into dorm, rapes girl in shower

shower head Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

‘There’s security here, and they still got in’

SICK judge didn't lock up trustafarian child rapist because HE MIGHT GET HURT

Delaware State Courts, NBC Philadelphia screenshot

Are you rich? Did you rape YOUR OWN DAUGHTER? No problem!

'NOT MAN ENOUGH': Rape victim speaks out against Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama presents the Presidential Medal of Freedom to women's rights activist Gloria Steinem at a ceremony in the East Room of the White House in Washington, November 20, 2013.     REUTERS/Larry Downing

‘NOT MAN ENOUGH’: Rape victim speaks out against Obama

Here's the potential scandal attached to FSU's QB

NCAA Football: Florida State at Clemson

Jameis Winston had been considered a frontrunner for the Heisman trophy

Amherst College warns students that alumni are probably rapists


‘Keep an eye out for unwanted sexual advances’ from ‘jaded’ alums

Wyoming 'hate-f***' hoaxer adds to checkered criminal past, now attends law school

Meg Simons collage: KOWB, Tumblr/Cognitive Dissonance

Local media won’t name the law school, but The Daily Caller will

'Rape-free' events will not be tolerated by Vanderbilt's administration

Photo: Getty Images. public domain/Widget5

Frat suspended for a joke in an email

DNA evidence inadmissible in rape cases, says Islamic judicial council

Pakistan Rape

Existing Islamic law apparently more than adequate

New details emerge in teen lesbian's arrest for underage sex

Same Sex Teen Arrest

‘It could possibly ruin her future’

Let rapists eat free!


Center on Budget and Policy Priorities demands taxpayers keep feeding convicts

Facebook rape-hoax student has prior assault conviction

Lanker Simons KOWB

Meg Lanker Simons got six years’ probation for waving a gun at her former boss in 2005

Police say 28-year-old undergrad threatened herself with rape in Facebook hoax

Lanker Simons KOWB

‘I’m left to wonder if there’s someone out there with a violent fantasy about me’

Student's 'You deserve rape' sign causes uproar at University of Arizona

Arizona you deserve rape guy

Kerfuffle occurred on the same day as a ‘Take Back the Night’ vigil

College's husky dog logo promotes rape, says student - TheDCNF


‘The face of real life UConn athletics is certainly capable of frightening college women’

Rapper is really sorry for lyrics about date rape that you interpreted as lyrics about date rape

Rick Ross

‘I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it’

University pulls tip sheet advising rape victims to vomit, urinate - TheDCNF


‘We apologize for the miscommunication and any confusion’

Don't blame Romney

Ann Coulter

He’s one of the best presidential candidates the GOP has ever fielded.

Hypocrisy in Missouri

Why it’s time for Todd Akin to drop out of the Missouri Senate race.

Pro-life groups should learn from the Akin debacle

Defending people like Todd Akin won’t advance the pro-life cause.