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Really dumb pigeon makes a HUGE mistake

(Flickr/Creative Commons)

Come on guys, be coo!

Imgur accepts $40 million in venture capital two months after announcing it wouldn't sell out


‘Revenue is not where the focus of the company is at’

ACLU, FreedomWorks, other groups call for Obama to end to bulk surveillance

General Keith B. Alexander listens during his retirement ceremony at the NSA in Fort Meade

‘The trust of the American people…cannot be regained with legislation that achieves only modest changes’

Bill Gates and Reddit are besties

Microsoft founder takes questions and shows his appreciation

Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg COMES OUT SWINGING for Edward Snowden on Reddit

Former Pentagon employee Daniel Ellsberg poses for photographs in central London.

‘I believe that Edward Snowden has done more to support and defend the Constitution…than any member of Congress’

Reddit bans comments from global warming skeptics


‘About a year ago, we moderators became increasingly stringent with deniers’

Reddit politics moderators ban posts from Drudge Report, other political sites


Reddit claims it is fighting ‘spam, sensationalist titles, and low-quality posts’ by banning alternative media

Assange hates 'Fifth Estate' -- and the actor hits back

An Evening Celebrating With The Global Fund Featuring The First Green Carpet Challenge Collection

The ‘hired gun’ strikes back

Reddit CEO admits the site once bowed to pressure from Sears - Business Insider


‘None of reddit’s owners or investors have ever bothered to exercise influence,’ except Sears

How Reddit and 4Chan completely derailed a Taylor Swift photo-op contest

Taylor Swift

The internet crushed the dreams of the countless ‘Swifties’

Pew: Six percent of adult Internet users frequent Reddit


Survey finds that young men are especially likely to visit the site

Petition to have Aaron Swartz's prosecutor removed from office passes threshold to receive WH response - TheDC

Aaron Swartz

‘It is too late to do anything for Aaron Swartz’

Academics paying tribute to Aaron Swartz by making research freely available - TheDC

Internet activist Aaron Swartz. Photo: Fred Benenson/Wikimedia Commons.

Reddit co-founder committed suicide on Friday

Feds posthumously drop charges against Aaron Swartz - TheDC

Aaron Swartz

‘[The dismissal] would have been welcome this time last week’

MIT, JSTOR 'saddened' by Reddit co-founder's death - TheDC

Obit Swartz.JPEG

Aaron Swartz praised for ‘brilliant creativity and idealism’

Aaron Swartz's family, friends blame MIT, federal government for suicide - TheDC

Obit Swartz.JPEG

JSTOR dropped charges against Swartz, but US Attorney pursued criminal case

Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz commits suicide at age 26 - TheDC


In July 2011, Swartz was arrested for allegedly downloading and distributing more than 4 million documents

Top 10 questions and answers from a real-life mall Santa - TheDC

Mall Santa
Saving a life, getting peed on, and the kid who asked for 'a new Daddy' for Christmas