refugee crisis

Left-Wing Billionaire George Soros Has Some Big Plans For Europe's Refugee Crisis

World | Peter Hasson
'The United States, for its part, has exacerbated the EU’s problems'

It’s Time For Congress To Restore The Integrity Of The US Refugee Program

op-ed | Mary Doetsch
I saw first-hand the flagrant abuses and scams that permeate the refugee program

Protests Erupt In Greece After Refugee Arrivals Increase By 17 Percent In April

World | Audrey Conklin
'The people of Lesbos are exhausted.'

MSNBC Keeps Leaving Out A HUGE Detail About The Suspected London Bombers

Politics | Amber Athey
Their silence speaks volumes

The Really Big Threat

Opinion | Herb London
A demographic nightmare is afflicting the West and metastasizing across the globe.

US Hits Refugee Cap, 41 Percent Drop From Obama, Lowest Number In A DECADE

US | Justin Caruso
Down from original ceiling of 110,000

EU Official: Migrants Still Pouring Into Europe, Only Now They Are Mainly Coming From Africa

World | George Congdon
It's because Europe finally decided to beef up its border security

Assimilating Europe

Opinion | Napoleon Linardatos
There is assimilation going on in Europe: reverse assimilation, where natives must adjust to the expectations of the immigrants.

'Asylum Seekers' Now Heading For 'Sanctuary City' Toronto

World | David Krayden
'[The U.S.] needs to be fully apprised of the consequences that we're dealing with on our side of the border.'

Migration Expert: More Than 50 Million Muslims Would Support Terrorists

World | Justin Caruso
'We should therefore be much more cautious about letting everyone come...'

Refugee Resettlement Fraud Part IV: Refugee Vetting And The Trump EO

Opinion | Jim Simpson
President Obama created many of the problems President Trump is now trying to correct.

Trump Is Absolutely Right On His Immigration Order

Opinion | Michael Youssef
Christian refugees, who most deserve refugee status, are the least likely to get it.

Conservative Opposition: 'Name-Calling Is Not Helpful' In Refugee Debate

World | David Krayden
Liberal government should 'get its own immigration house in order.'

To Fix U.S. Refugee Policy, Trump Must Be Both Bold And Cautious

Opinion | William J. Murphy
Accepting refugees from terror-prone regions is ill-advised

Millions in Welfare Fraud Discovered Among Refugees in Germany

World | Justin Caruso
Used beards, changed hairstyles, used fake names

The European Quandary

Opinion | Benjamin Welton
A stupidly ideological state cannot and will not change its stripes.

Congressman: No Confidence In Secret Refugee Screening

Politics | David Krayden
'...immediately declassify the vetting procedures...'

Austrian Women Get Pocket Alarms To Ward Off Refugee Sex Attacks On NYE

World | Saagar Enjeti
'Sexual offences are recording a huge increase'

Denmark Investigates 'Child' Asylum Seekers, 3/4 Turn Out To Be Adults

World | Justin Caruso
About 600 people found to be adults

Macedonia's Time Is Now

Opinion | Maj. Gen. Ronald Johnson
European leaders are recognizing the vital role Macedonia will play in the flow of refugees.

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