Outdated Trucking Regulations Make Moving Harder than it Should Be

Opinion | John B. Koch
Congress should allow the operation of Twin 33-foot trailers in all 50 states

FACT CHECK: Have Federal Regulations Increased Ninefold Since 1960?

Politics | David Sivak
'In 1960, there were approximately 20,000 pages'

Restaurateur Tilman Fertitta: 'We Can't Afford' To Cover SF Workers' Healthcare

Business | Jason Chulack
'They make us give all our employees full healthcare'

To Protect Taxpayers, Block Unnecessary Rail Regulation

Opinion | David Williams
Regulators should consider rules that foster private investment in necessary infrastructure.

Issa Introduces Bill To Wipe Out Last Minute Obama Regulations

Politics | Kerry Picket
'This is a good piece of legislation that will help keep this and future Presidents in check'

Ohio EPA Fires Employees After They Let Lead Into This Town's Water

Energy | Chris White
'The completed internal review pinned the failure on an Ohio EPA Central Office employee'

Volkswagen Slammed Again, This Time With Lawsuit From DOJ

Energy | Chris White
'The United States will pursue all appropriate remedies'

You're Killing Me: Regulations, Government Unions, And Taxes Quash Small Business

Opinion | Chuck DeVore
If states and cities want to encourage economic growth, they need to make themselves friendly to small business

FAA Poised To Miss Deadline For Drone Regulations

Business | Peter Fricke
Commercial drone ban remains in effect

Survey: Texas, Utah, Idaho Most Business-Friendly States

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jonah Bennett
'Ease of compliance with tax and regulatory systems'

Report: Every $1 Billion In Regulations Costs Jobs

Business | Breanna Deutsch
'The job of agencies is to regulate, that is what they do'

Report: Regulations Are Hiking Up College Tuition Costs

Education | Breanna Deutsch
Tuition costs, administrative staff 'pretty strongly correlated'

Kellogg ex-CEO says FDA is attacking food industry

US | Breanna Deutsch
'Unfortunately you're under assault'

Look at the new regulations the government is adding

US | Breanna Deutsch
Regulators never take a snow day

Regulation blizzard: Government adds 1,516 pages to the Federal Register

Business | Breanna Deutsch

Regulators shut down small chicken farms, keeping local poultry from Utah residents

Daily Caller News Foundation | Breanna Deutsch
It's getting harder to make a cluck

Feds list nearly 1,800 new regulations in January ALONE

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch

You will not believe how many hours of paperwork regulators created in 2013

Daily Caller News Foundation | Breanna Deutsch
Count the costs

Government in 2013: Less law, more regulation

US | Breanna Deutsch
Another year of government

Happy New Year! Feds list 141 new regulations in only THREE DAYS

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
See what rules they're making now

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