Ammo Prices Are Going Up. Here's Why

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A member of the Georgia Security Force III% militia gathers 9mm ammunition before practicing shooting during a field training exercise July 28, 2017 in Jackson, Georgia. (Photo: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

‘There is no fear-based buying right now’

5 Great Shotguns For Home Defense

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | NRA Shooting Illustrated

What may make for a great tactical shotgun might not be what you need for a home defense weapon. Here is why…

Judge Strikes Down Newtown Family Lawsuit Against Firearm Maker

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Court gavel, Shutterstock,

‘We need a national movement’

New Handguns

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We have a nice .38 Special for $270, a single shot 7.62×39, the handy Remington pictured and a few more you should know about

Action, Take One

Black Rifles & Tactical Guns | NRA Shooting Illustrated

Reviewing pump shotguns for home defense – dependable, powerful and a proven fight-stopper

4 Value-Priced Hunting Rifles

Guns and Gear | Guns and Gear


Breaking: Remington R51 9MM Pistol Update

Guns and Gear | NRA American Rifleman

Send it back

Firearm manufacturing moves south

Gun Laws & Legislation | NRA American Rifleman

In Dixie Land gunmakers take their stand as they leave the oppression of the North behind

Global Digital Solutions, makers of “Smart Gun” technology, to buy Remington?

Gun Laws & Legislation | Guns and Gear

$1.082 billion in cash for America’s oldest gun maker – is this a PR stunt?

Remington expands into Alabama after New York enacts strict gun laws

Politics | Alex Pappas

Alabama expected to see 2,000 new jobs

SHOT Show 2014: New handgun roundup – Glock, Springfield, SIG, Taurus, S&W, Walther, Remington

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2014 Handguns emerge and they look great

Wave Goodbye: The list of firearm manufacturers fleeing gun control states - NRA - ILA

Gun Laws & Legislation | NRA ILA

Stag Arms, Remington, Kahr, Beretta and others look to move

Survival Shotguns: Not just for CQB - Living Ready Online

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | Guns and Gear

The three top survival shotguns are…

American Hunter’s 2013 Guns and Gear of the Year! - American Hunter

Ammo & Gear Reviews | NRA American Hunter

American Hunter Golden Bullseye Award

US Army Awards XM2010 Sniper Rifle Parts Contract to Remington® Arms - Remington

Black Rifles & Tactical Guns | Mike Piccione

Remington is a world leader for sniper rifles.

US Army Awards M4 / M4A1 Carbine Contract to Remington® Arms - Remington Arms

Black Rifles & Tactical Guns | Mike Piccione

Army goes Green with $84,000,000 worth of M4’s

Remington Responds to NBC Hit Piece - Remington Arms

Gun Laws & Legislation | Mike Piccione

Remington responds to NBC’s allegations of unsafe firearms

NBC Manufacturing New Attack on Remington - TheDC

Gun Laws & Legislation | Michael Piccione

Hey gun owners, NBC now hates Remington in addition to you.

Freedom Group Names Cleckner Manager of Government Relations - Freedom Group

Ammo & Gear Reviews | Mike Piccione

Cleckner, a former sniper team leader in the U.S. Army’s 1st Ranger Battalion, is a combat veteran with multiple deployments overseas.

Freedom Group Names Novin Director of Public Affairs and Relations - The Freedom Group

Gun Laws & Legislation | Mike Piccione

The Freedom Group adds a media pro to its ranks.