Apple's Quarterly Revenue Predicted To Fall Short of Average Estimates

Tech | Reuters

Apple Inc ‘expected to report quarterly revenue slightly below Wall Street’s average estimates’

Nobody in the agriculture world defaults anymore - BI

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John Deere

Tractor maker Deere is out with its latest earnings

States and cities face 'day of reckoning' in 2011 - TheDC

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As billions in stimulus aid dry up, state and local governments face serious financial crisis

Morgan Stanley on government defaults: when, not if - Bloomberg

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Financial services giant predicts bleak future for recovery

Businessman hid thousands in his aunt's grave - The Telegraph

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British man planned to leave the cash in the local church cemetery until the 20-year time-limit for tax investigations had passed, before digging it up

Goldman Sachs profit drops 82%, missing estimates - WAPO

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Goldman Sachs said 2nd-quarter profit dropped 82%, missing analysts’ estimates on a slide in trading revenue

Overdraft-fee rules change ... sort of - LAT

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Overdraft fees are one of the banking industry’s most profitable and consumer-unfriendly business practices. Banks currently generate about $38 billion annually from service charges on deposits

UPS continues to reduce staff despite increased profit - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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The company posted revenue of $12.4 billion for the quarter, a decrease of 2.5 percent, but profits of $757 million, an increase of nearly 200 percent

AMD shares decline, concerned that PC growth has peaked

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Advanced Micro Devices Inc., the second-largest maker of personal-computer processors, declined as much as 6.6 percent in early U.S. trading on concern the chipmaker will struggle to maintain sales gains. Revenue rose 42 percent to $1.65 billion last quarter on surging sales of personal-computer processors and graphics chips, AMD said in a statement. Analysts had projected $1.5 billion, according to a Bloomberg survey.

Schwarzenegger doesn't want a bailout - just $6.9 billion in taxes

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Other plans to raise money include installing traffic cameras to catch drivers exceeding the speed limit by 15 miles per hour — a program projected to bring in revenues of $400 million