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Why do some millionaires want higher taxes?

Perhaps because they’re not worried about paying them.

Prelude to the Constitution

The founders got it right the first time around.

Have they forgotten?

Have the supporters of the Ground Zero mosque forgotten September 11th?

Prelude to the Constitution (Part 2)

How the Constitution came into being.

Prelude to the Constitution

Imagine if the Articles of Confederation were still in place today.

A better stimulus for America

Instead of spending more, the government should be taxing less.

In a word: Uncertainty!

Most Americans feel they are drowning under the current wave of uncertainty that is affecting every aspect of their lives

The Declaration changes everything

Yet, across the ages, America’s birth stands as the singular moment of change in man’s relation to man.

These 'following days'

Which begs the question, ‘How many Americans today would dare sign the Declaration during these ‘following days’ of July and August, 2010’?

 Is calamity coming to the other Gulf?

Whatever President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton might have been doing with Iran over the past 18 months might be called “diplomacy.” But, without the word ‘ineffective’ added to it, such a description would be incomplete and therefore inaccurate

Incompetence and misplaced priorities

Unchecked and unchanged, America’s citizens may call on their elected governors to reassert their sovereign state rights as part of their ‘boom’ to protect our shores, our Constitution and our way of life

The perfect summer storm

There’s a storm a’brewing in the Obama administration, brought on by repeated missteps

‘That blood of heroes never dies’

One way for patriotic Americans to reinstall original intent is to direct current and future representatives to Congress to promptly reinstate May 30th as Memorial Day.

Adios, amigo Calderon

Mexican President Calderon’s recent undiplomatic tour went too far in questioning and critiquing our laws

Both sides wave warning flags?

Remember the last time a nominee was short on record?

To audit or not to audit?

The Fed is the central bank with monopoly power and the power of the currency. That single action has had profound impact on your ancestor’s money, your parent’s money, and now on your money. Try going down to your local bank and asking for a dollar in exchange for its value in gold

Government is us

Mr. President, again, with all due respect, would you please be so kind to read, think about, and accept your own statement that “Government is us”?

Cut gas prices now

Government must get out of the way of those citizens willing to invest capital domestically in search of oil, to drill on U.S. land as well as offshore, and to construct new domestic refineries

Taxes driving up gas prices

Americans are now paying $.80 more per gallon for gasoline compared to this time last year. That’s an increase of 39 percent

Tax Freedom Day – 2010

Each year, most Americans refer to April 15 as Tax Day. While that is understandable, given the reality that many people use April 15 as a target date of sorts for filing income tax returns, there is a more important date for every citizen: Tax Freedom Day. That’s the day when each of us has earned enough income to pay our tax burden to the federal and state governments