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AFL-CIO president: Citizenship for illegals will create American jobs


‘It will help us create jobs’

In new government gig, union attorney is quick to punish employers


A new recess-appointed NLRB counsel takes it to Walmart

Trumka says immigration deal needs worker protections

Richard Trumka

‘Is there every protection I would have liked? No.’

Union chief lauds Senate immigration bill, but calls for changes

Richard Trumka

‘We will work to correct those problems now that a bill is before the Senate Judiciary Committee’

Progressives protest any curbs on federal spending - TheDC

Richard Trumka

Obama meets with progressive leaders in effort to gain support during fiscal cliff negotiations

Trumka slams ICE union-led lawsuit against Obama - TheDC

Richard Trumka

‘These agents are working with some of the most anti-immigrant forces in the country’

Labor chief, who makes $290,000 a year, says Romney 'doesn't identify with us' - TheDC

‘Mitt Romney is for the very rich’

AFL-CIO scales back Democratic convention involvement - TheDC

President Obama and AFL-CIO's President Richard Trumka

Largest American union federation will not be making large contributions or hosting any events

AFL-CIO boss: Unionizing should be added to Civil Rights Act [VIDEO] - TheDC

‘The right to have a voice on the job should be every much as strong and as institutionalized as the right to vote and everything else’

Does the AFL-CIO support union violence? - TheDC


Trumka spokesman deflects question, blames Andrew Breitbart

Trumka won't condemn Hoffa's vitriolic rhetoric - TheDC

‘I think Jim Hoffa’s speaking for the anger that millions of Americans have,’ says the AFL-CIO president

Trumka critical of White House jobs council - TheDC

President Obama and AFL-CIO's President Richard Trumka

‘It is a legitimate question whether that commission has done anything worthwhile’

AFL-CIO president smacks Obama for weak, 'little nibbly' labor policies - TheDC

Richard Trumka

‘If he continues to do as some of his staff are urging… he doesn’t become a leader. He becomes a follower’

Obama mum on details from secret AFL-CIO meeting - TheDC

Trumka at White House

Critics bill it as more White House union favoritism

Trumka issues threat to Dems: Help us or pay - TheDC

Richard Trumka

AFL-CIO boss says Democrats may be ‘controlling the wrecking ball’ that’s crippling unions, too

Madness in Madison and elsewhere

Public-sector unions, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Planned Parenthood.

AFL-CIO President: Obama is 'as pro-business as any president' - TheDC

Richard Trumka expresses disappointment with Obama and Democrats for not accomplishing more for unionized workers while retaining majorities

TheDC Morning: Watching Steele's persecution complex blossom is like watching fireworks - TheDC

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Men with a plan - TheDC

Debt reduction proposal angers left, gets noncommittal White House response