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The legend of Bagger Castro

PGA Championship Golf.JPEG

The PGA calls a penalty on itself

WeinerSpitzer: A new portmanteau for Webster's

Weiner Twitter Photos

’1. /noun/ an elected public official with no sense of remorse or shame. 2. /verb/ the unexplainable phenomenon of a disgraced former official rising in opinion polls’

2014 Winter Olympics: Let Snowden carry the flag

Russia NSA Surveillance Snowden.JPEG

Lindsey Graham’s call to boycott the Sochi games is pointless.

A sequestration soliloquy

With sincere apologies to Bill Shakespeare.

Government regulation of banjos works to curb Bluegrass violence

Banjo-control laws have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

Should Barry Bonds be in the Hall of Fame?

Bonds says he’ll be ‘very sad’ if he isn’t inducted.

A world without polls

Hurricane Sandy has made it difficult for pollsters to poll.

Searching for 'Undecided' in Ohio

The state’s undecided voters are disproportionately young, white, working class and female.

The top 10 campaign-ending political gaffes in modern US history

Todd Akin isn’t alone.

Why Rob Portman scares Brian Williams (and the left)

He’s boring but competent.

The Fast and Furious chess match

In some ways, Fast and Furious is worse than Watergate.

Not guilty?

How the verdicts in the John Edwards and Roger Clemens trials reflect the dour mood of the electorate.

The War on Slurpees is destined to fail

Governments are ill-equipped to change the daily conduct of their citizens.

Searching for Uncommitted

What President Obama’s poor showing in Tuesday’s Kentucky primary means for November.

Not-so-secret servicing

The 10 greatest sex scandals in American political history.

Ellen DeGeneres & Barry Goldwater: Conservatism's odd couple

If he were alive today, Goldwater would stand up for DeGeneres in her dispute with One Million Moms.

Is Stephen Colbert channeling his inner Pat Paulsen?

Some people are taking Colbert’s presidential campaign too seriously.

Going old school with Fidel and Raul

When tyrants need a break from the day-to-day grind, they head to Havana.

Government-sponsored comedy routine is no joke

The State Department is paying for three Indian-American comedians to tell jokes in India.

French toast torture and tater tot inhumanity

What I discovered at the Boone County Jail, the epicenter of America‚Äôs “human rights crisis.”