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ZOINK! 3 FUNNIEST teleprompter FLUBS ever!

Get. Ready. To. LAUGH!

Ex-CNN host Rick Sanchez to call FIU football games in the fall - TheDC

Rick Sanchez

‘I did LOL when I heard about the Rick Sanchez news. I mean come on? That’s hysterical. No?’

Breitbart says HuffPo actions 'stronger than hypocrisy' - TheDC

HuffPo removed Breitbart’s blogs from its front page…On Friday, HuffPo began promoting a blog piece former CNN broadcaster Rick Sanchez wrote

TheDC Analysis: 2010's People of the Year - TheDC

Alvin Greene, Rick Sanchez, Sarah Palin and more make the cut

TheDC Review: Rick Sanchez's 'Conventional Idiocy' is idiotic - TheDC

‘Conventional Idiocy’ is a pile of gibberish so unreadable that we must consider the possibility that Rick Sanchez wrote it himself

Juan Williams' NPR firing is bigger than him

Who will be George Soros’s next victim?

Juan Williams and the paralysis of reality

Williams’ firing is as maddening as it is unjustified.

Sanchez admits, 'I screwed up' - ABC

Former TV anchor, Rick Sanchez, apologizes for calling Jon Stewart a ‘bigot’ along with his other anti-Semitic comments ‘GMA’

Who's the bigger jerk, Jon Stewart or CNN?

Jon Stewart is the bigger jerk by far. CNN is the smaller jerk.

Ask Matt Labash Vol. XXXII - TheDC

Rick Sanchez’s Jon Stewart problem, the anti-Semitic batting order, and gassy vulture carbon credits

Stewart lampoons fired CNN host Sanchez - AP

‘The Daily Show’ punched back at the dismissed anchor

Democrats can't take Hispanic voters for granted

The Hispanic community is politically diverse.

Keith Olbermann's sugar-eating grin - The Daily Caller

We watch, because we’re paid to

Rick Sanchez: The anti-Anderson Cooper - The Daily Caller

What does the rising star bring to CNN? Hispanics, Twitter, a past hit and run, and a hyper personality that could go nose-to-nose with that of a cokehead